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Action Bronson Presents New Album Blue Chips 7000

Action Bronson the Queens native, and former chef, cooked up heat with studio album Blue Chips 7000.  The Albanian and Jewish rapper better known as Mr. Baklava, is the voice behind new Viceland series, “F*** That’s Delicious.”   His latest cookbook mirrors the miniseries with the same title and  glorifies his food addiction.  His base is familiar with mix-tapes Rare Chandeliers spawned by the Alchemist, and Blue Chips 2 also released by the duo.  His major label studio album entitled, SAAB Stories, released in 2013, featuring popular single, “Sumthin 4 My Jeeps.”  He debuted on the rap scene in 2011 with record, Dr. Lector.  The birth of Blue Chips followed in 2012.  Blue Chips is the popular college basketball movie featuring Shaquille O’Neal as a keen prospect, among other NBA players.  Action Bronson most notably inspired by Queens emcees, Mobb Deep, Nas, and also Wu-Tang Clan.

Stylistically in Blue Chips 7000, he steps away from the R&B laced Ghostface Killah verses and temperament, into a more symphonic sound that relies heavily on various rap skits to blend the EP.  The visuals for Chairman’s Intent also have a 70’s sitcom vibe. As Bronson brings his rare brand of comedic entertainment to the masses.  Bronson brings his scumbag mischief to an instrumentalist story line. His affinity for Baklava has without a doubt enhanced his rap status.  His shalom, bodega euphemisms supplement an already divine rhyme scheme, including obvious sport and pop culture themes.  Known for microphone destruction, Bronson’s raspy undertones illuminate New York Culture.

The cinematic rendition of the 1988 movie, Coming 2 America made single, “Baby Blue” blaze through the radio airwaves in 2015.  Blue Chips 7000 acclimates producer The Alchemist, and newcomer Harry Fraud to the forefront of current NYC hip hop production.  The personal legend of The Alchemist has been building since the 90’s era.  The rare element of his beat chemistries has allowed The Alchemist to produce for legendary artist Prodigy and Havoc, Dialated Peoples, Pharoahe Monch, Guru, Big Pun, Nas, and Royce Da 5’9.  He may be the last of a generation of solo East Coast producers.  Alchemist is a musician above the supersonic wave.  Perhaps The Alchemist and Bronson have a connection much deeper than hip hop.  The Alchemist was documented on Forbes list as the 6th greatest Hebrew rappers of all-time.  Amidst the Beastie Boys and Mac Miller’s, Bronson secures his own place as a heavyweight in current New York rap.  Bronson manages to add a vibrant arrogance to his vicious punchlines.  The mixture of kosher lyrics we brought to the forefront by hip hop pioneer Rick Rubin who teamed with Russell Simmons to advance rap through Def Jams, and is also a Queens native.   The Byzantine cuisine Bronson specializes in is amassed in his appetite for not only eating food but also emcees .


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