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Five Questions With Young Giantz:

West Coast duo Young Giantz are the sons of rap pioneer Playa Hamm of the Penthouse Players Clique (who was signed by Easy E to Ruthless/Priority Records in 1992). 25 years later, the South Central brothers Deuce Mac and Bigg Joe West are excited to release their own Priority Records EP, 2000 Ninetiez, a respectful tribute to the classic G Funk era of West Coast Hip Hop. Recruiting producer Dae One (Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg), the guys also worked with G-Funk veterans DJ Battlecat and Jelly Roll.

2000 Ninetiez is the perfect description of our sound because the 90’s era is why we’re madly in love with music. The authenticity and fearlessness of that time is still very influential to us and we bring that same energy mixed with a freshness of our current time.” ~ Young Giantz

Their lead single Western Expedition bounces back to West Coast gangsta rap with custom low riders and also pays a special tribute to MC Special One from the 90’s duo Conscious Daughters and their 1994 hit “Something To Ride To (Fonky Expedition).”

The Hype Magazine got the duo to weigh in on a few things

As you see yourself, who are the YOUNG GIANTZ ?

BROTHERS from South Central Los Angeles, same MOTHER, same FATHER, who love each other, love our family, and love making music.

Tell us about your current project ?

“2000 ninetiez ” is an EP, our first release through our partnership with Priority Records and XCVI recordings. The project features production from Dae One, Jelly Roll, E-A-Ski, Ace Man, and 1500 or Nothing. The title 2000 Ninetiez, perfectly fits our sound. The 90’s era is very influential to us, with this project we wanted to embody that feel and remain relevant

Whats on your bucket list to accomplish as entertainers?

Security for our family, maintain our integrity, and be a positive inspiration to the yout, and a few platinum plaques for our parents’ walls.

Will you be finishing out 2017 on the road and whats on your horizon for 2018?

We’re definitely lookin forward to touring, and as far as 2018, continuing to put out great music and expanding our business.

The Hype Magazine wants to know: what’s been your craziest WTF moment?

When this lady who claimed to be an executive took us shopping, spent a few thousand on clothes and shoes, set up a meeting, we showed up she and told us to follow her to her new office, she ditched us on the freeway and we never spoke to her again. And, one time got booked for a show in Oakland and when we got there it was a boom box wit one mic attached to it and about 7 elderly women in the crowd, and we didn’t get paid.

Bonus: There’s just no vibe like G-Funk! 5/5

LOL ~ Cat’s goatee is always on point!!! ~ JD







Young Giantz Bio:

THE YOUNG GIANTZ are brothers Deuce Mac and Bigg Joe West. They’re the sons of West Coast rap pioneer Playa Hamm of the Penthouse Players Clique signed by Easy E, who released their classic album Paid The Cost on Ruthless/Priority in 1992.

While the brothers have unique individual styles, they are bounded by a distinct unified chemistry and powerful presence together. They describe themselves as passionate artists with a genuine love and respect for music, its forefathers, and their peers. Bigg Joe West says, “We take a sense of pride in being unafraid to express honestly from our hearts in our music, when it seems so few share their true identity,” and adds, “fear doesn’t hinder me when it comes to what I want to share with the true fans of our culture, being a very sincere fan myself.” Deuce Mac further explains, “We recognize our responsibility that art can influence, and intend to make music like good oldies that is representative of our sentiments as we ourselves continue to mature.” The group respects the culture as an art form itself and the political climate affecting rap life and real life.

Their new album 2000 Ninetiez releases August 18th, 2017 via Priority Records. Young Giantz have worked with producers Jelly Roll, DJ Battlecat, E-A-Ski, Phat Beatz & Dae One.

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