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Published on November 10th, 2017 | by Slate Dv8tor Stone


Artist G6 – Prepare for Takeoff

G6 is a 15-year veteran of the music and entertainment industry.

“G6 moved to California from Washington, D.C./Maryland in 1989.  He attended West Angeles Christian Academy, Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC), Beverly Hills High School and City of Angeles High School. After high school graduation, he attended Santa Monica College majoring in Business Administration. He has gained additional experience as a songwriter, producer, and director, acting in various theater productions as well as appearing in music videos, modeling, and dancing. In 2008, G6 founded “Loyalty Is Everything Entertainment” an independent artist label focused on the independent rap and R&B artists. In his role as CEO he is involved in finding and developing talent, selecting producers, song selections, promotion and video production.”

“In 2009, G6 signed with Latin Cool Jazz Records that promoted & sold his music on iTunes. In 2013, G6 became a music consultant/advisor to Brett McCartney, President Pen & Pixel USA, Inc. (Video Game Licensing, Production & Distribution). For the past few years G6 has been a member of the Billion Operating System’s/Automated Trading Software team.  Inspiring, guiding, and motivating people by marketing BOS/ATS products and services by contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life worldwide. Since “touching down” in Las Vegas, NV. G6 has linked up with his long time friend and producer R.J. Lloyd and together they have begun working in the studio on his mix tape, an album, and shooting the visual documentary of the project entitled “Day in the Life Experience”. Be on the lookout for much more from G6 in 2018 and stay connected through all his social media outlets because you don’t want to be left on the ground once G6 takes flight!”

G6 Instagram @CapitalG6 | G6 Twitter @GLoyal1of1 | #G6MoneyTrain | SNAPCHAT: G6MoneyTrain | EMAIL INQUIRIES: [email protected]


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