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Published on November 18th, 2017 | by 00T456578754920


New Artist Jet Trouble

Virtually unknown artist Jet Trouble debuts with album Warren Park by way of King Dreams Entertainment.  The positive hip hop label and brand formed by artist Ruslan, a devout Christian artist.  San Diego artist, Ruslan formed the group Dream Junkies to promote positivity and good vibrations.  The group released an album entitled Good Religion.  Ruslan then followed with his own LP Indie Jones.  Next up, is Jet Trouble, originally from Dallas, Texas his music is a blend of Alternative r&b and pop.  Despite religious beliefs Ruslan was primarily influenced by both Tupac and Nas.  The collective behind the strength of its creator is attempting to transition into a larger fan base.  The collective attempts to live out their dreams as devout rebels.  The artist Jet Trouble introduced himself in single, “Look to God,” this October.  The single embodies his days and life in the state of California.  Ryan Vetter produced the album aside Ruslan.  As a debut album Jet Trouble shows promise, as a pop star.  The clean cut artist exemplifies the youth of today.  As a fresh face, Jet Trouble is making waves in alternative pop. His latest visual for single, “Youth” is California Dreaming for the new age as friends fellowship on the beach.  As California draws on the energy of popular artist like Kendrick Lamar, God is ever-present in music.  Despite being stuck between a sometimes mad culture, and numerous wild West Coast bad boy personas.  Jet Trouble’s talent and image is the perfect fit.  Jet Trouble soothes the free-spirited, as a beach boy familiar with the back streets.


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