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Published on January 10th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


ATL Rapper Kelechi Puts a Twist on Theology in his Song ‘Heavenly Mother’

The reason why I really can appreciate rap is because of the pictures that it paints. It is truly a gift to take this form of art and expression and mold it into ideas that are not only relatable but also radical. Atlanta rapper Kelechi is no exception to this particular gift.

In his song, Heavenly Mother, Kelechi questions if God is in fact a woman. The song starts off “Maybe God is a lady and she loves me, maybe she’s the gravity that holds me down,” he doesn’t focus on the question as much, but more so voices the struggle of faith. Kelechi continues to question his sole purpose in life and is met by two gentle female voices that answer him. Vanjess, a female duo, play the voices of divinity.

This song is special, honest and vulnerable. A great twist on the idea of a male diety. It’s  smooth and is a great song  to listen to when you just want to flee from the monotony of everything on the radio. Shout out to Kelechi for this one. You can find this song and many more like it on his latest project Quarter Life Crisis, an album where Kelechi is face to face with the journey of life.

Website: https://www.quarterlifecrisis.us
Twitter: @kelechief
 IG: @kelechief

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