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Rhyme Report

Published on March 12th, 2018 | by Sneakerwire Harris


Logic thrives with Bobby Tarantino 2


“Fear is the enemy of Logic”– Frank Sinatra, The Way You Wear Your Hat, 1999.

Maryland native Logic hails from a turbulent upbringing, in 2013 he signed a 30 million dollar deal with Def Jam Recordings.  The resilient, Grammy nominated rapper compiled a new project, Bobby Tarantino II.  Logic originally deemed Psychological began his rap career inspired by Wutang Clan and artist like The Roots and Tribe Called Quest.  His biggest inspiration to date Frank Sinatra.  Visionary Music Group allowed Logic to shine as an independent artist releasing Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.  His first and second studio albums was well received by the hip hop community.  In 2017 his album Everybody spawned a hit of the same name, and garnered triple platinum success.  As a lyricist Logic has been untouchable in rhyme skill and mastery.

Logic is defined as “proof by reasoning” or a “way of thinking about or understanding something.” Logic blends his trials and demons while redefining hip hop.  Birthed out of oppression Logic has conquered the issues of race and economics, with style and grace.  Young Sinatra, cements both good times and social mores to take hip hop into the new millennium.  His lyrical prowess illuminates the bass-heavy production of Bobby Tarantino II.  He features artist such as 2-chainz, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa.  Logic has been acknowledged as unoriginal by fellow rappers Joyner Lucas and Freddie Gibbs.  However, Logic inspires unity of all people.  That in itself is the basis of not only hip hop but music.  He uses his knowledge to spit metaphors and rhyme schemes that put other artist under pressure.   As a bi-racial rapper, he never shys’ away from race or struggles.  Logic uses hip hop to make the planet rock.  He is not a blueprint, nor carbon copy, he is an emcee redefining the world through his microphone. Tupac Shakur stated, “Fear of man grows on trees.”  While stark contrast are evident, Logic has no fear in bringing racial divisions to the forefront.  Musically he has sparked his own revolution.

He notably stated, “And so for me at the end of the day, there’s kind of two main– the main thing about this, about Paradise and this and all that is I wanted to create a planet, my own planet, for me, for people who enjoy this.  You know what I mean?  For people who just love music and understand that this is the artist I am and this is what I represent, here’s my message, peace, love, positivity.  Follow your dreams.  These are my raps.  This is  my style.  This is how I do it.”  Logic’s The Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody Tour begins June 8th in Boston, Mass.


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