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Meet Bobby Lytes of Love & Hip Hop Miami

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Miami is the newest installment of the Love & Hip Hop reality series. A bold and edgy show set in a beautifully diverse city, Love & Hip Hop Miami turns up the heat and holds nothing back. From cast members like multi-platinum selling hip hop legend Trick Daddy to the “Diamond Princess” herself, Trina, this season is nothing short of an attention grabber full of unique personalities in chaotic situations that will keep you on the end of your seat wanting more.

One of this season’s most notable break out star personalities is Bobby Lytes, a 27-year old openly gay rapper, singer, and songwriter who  happens to be cousins with Trina.

I got the chance to sit down with Bobby Lytes and this is what he had to say….

We all know you as an outgoing gay rapper with an explosive personality from this season of Love & Hip Hop Miami. But who is Bobby Lytes.

I, Bobby Lytes, is definitely someone that everyone should get to know, the Not so typical rapper who happens to also be the not so typical gay guy.

Where did your love for music come from?

I first fell in love with music at the age of 15. Growing up in city of Homestead, FL, music has always been in my blood. As I grew older I began to develop my own style that I like to call Hip Pop.

As an up and comer in this music game, how did it feel when you found out that you were officially being cast as a main player on the Love & Hip Hop Miami reality show?

I was so excited. This entire experience has been so surreal. It all started with a phone call. Literally I got one call which led to another call, and before I knew it, I was sitting in front of Mona Scott Young and the VH1 Network execs. The moment that I had realized I landed the gig, I felt so blessed. I was so excited to know that Love & Hip Hop Miami was going to show a different side of what most people know as Miami.

Throughout the season you have continued to say that your cousin Trina has never supported you in your music career, but have you or do you ever plan on working with her on your music?

To be honest, I have never worked on any projects with her musically, but I do think it will be a good look if one day we do a song together. Who knows what the future might hold.

How have you been received by other rappers in the hip hop game as you are an openly gay rapper?

I’ve actually been receiving a lot of support and it’s amazing to see how the times are changing. I also think more of the reception is also coming from the fact that my talent is undeniable!

We know about Bobby Lytes the artist, but what is going on with your love life. On the show it seems like you have a lot going on in that department.

My love life is crazy right now. I will say this though, on the show you will see a big chunk of my love life and the scandal behind my whole relationship. It has been one crazy roller coaster ride with a whole lot of bumps, twists, and turns. That’s for sure.

What’s next for you?

My EP “Slay The Throne” set to be released summer 2018. Aside from the music and the show I’m embarking on my acting career. I’m sure I can guarantee a walk-on role on one of the legendary Lee Daniels‘ hit TV shows, God I love what he’s done!

To keep up with Bobby Lytes, follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @BobbyLytes.

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