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Exploring ‘The New Rum’ Revolution of 2018 with author Bryce T. Bauer

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As the luxury trend within the spirits industry continues to grow, spirit enthusiasts are seeking more premium, exceptional experiences when it comes to their drink choices. In 2018, the face of the rum industry is now changing as bars step up their rum game and it becomes the new boutique gin.

Following the steps of whiskey and tequila, rum is becoming the latest spirit on the cusp of premiumization. Although the segment is experiencing growth at 7% year on year, premium rum currently represents 15% of the total rum sector.

Continuing to lead the spirits industry, BACARDÍ has introduced their new premium rum to ignite the resurgence of the rum category among a new generation of spirits drinkers. Añejo Cuatro (“four” in Spanish paying homage to the brand’s Cuban roots), is a premium rum barrel-aged, undisturbed under the Caribbean sun, for a minimum of four years. It has flavors of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove, and honey.

The clip explores Author of The New Rum, Bryce T. Bauer’s thoughts on the rum industry, the spirit’s complexity and the change in culture as rum moves to a heightened sophistication.



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