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Published on April 25th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Kid Conrad – Birthday Drop

Master of atmosphere DJ Kid Conrad launches career into
stratosphere with new single ‘Birthday Drop’

LAS VEGAS, NV – There’s one very important thing that every good DJ must have: presence. It’s the single greatest ingredient to putting together a great set. Every DJ knows it, but the truly great ones are those who have become masters at creating an atmosphere. That’s what Las Vegas’ Kid Conrad aspires to be. Taking a cue from Joseph Conrad,  dubbed the master of atmosphere – Kid Conrad hopes to create music that drops listeners into an atmosphere that takes them away from their daily worries and into a world of ecstasy.

His new single, “Birthday Drop,” is the kind of clubby vibe that embraces a West Coast vibe and will have people jumping. Put together through collaboration with one of his favorite West Coast rappers, Dozay, the track has an electronic sound with a heavy bass line. Kid Conrad has already been playing it in the clubs of Las Vegas with some high praise from anyone who hears it, and he’s hopeful that it will catch on in other parts of the country, too.

“A good DJ is somebody with presence,” Kid Conrad said. “Someone with a good attitude…Someone who can read a room and who is musically inclined and can keep a crowd on their toes and keep them interested at the same time… Once I get on, I’m very interactive with my crowd. You can tell that someone else has started playing. And I love playing everything – it’s almost hard for me to play a set that’s strictly one genre because I don’t get an opportunity to surprise people. This song is one of those that I think can surprise people in a good way. There’s no better feeling than playing a record that someone wasn’t expecting and hearing them go, ‘Oh!’ That feeling is irreplaceable.”

Kid Conrad has been a DJ in Vegas for nearly a decade. He’s currently one of the busiest DJs in Vegas, rotating through a number of high end clubs along the strip, including: The Bank in the Bellagio, Jewel and Liquid Pool in The Aria, 1Oak in The Mirage, Omnia, APEX Social Club, Camden and Click Lounge. But he wasn’t always a DJ. In fact, he was first introduced to the art while working at a Hooka lounge off the Las Vegas Strip.

“Where I set those hookas up, they set up a DJ booth right behind me and I’d watch them work all the time,” he said. “That was my first introduction to it. I had never really played with music before that, but my friends and I would skateboard a lot and I would video those and edit videos together, and I was always putting together music for those videos. I never manipulated music like a DJ would until I saw it being done. To that point my life was always about chasing the next thing. Every job I had I’d only stay for a little while. But once I got interested in the DJ thing and realized I was good at it, nothing could stop me. Now that I’ve been able to headline here and there, I’m ready to make the transition to travel more and do some bigger shows.”

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