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Master P Tony Montana

Master P remains true to the game with his latest Tony Montana. “P’ is the definition of a gangster. Coming from the bottom and flossing at the top, Percy Miller is the only man on the planet to rap, play in the NBA, and cement his own brand. The Southern Rap mogul returns to glory with a solid street relevant mix-tape.  Amped up with a new squad of hitters, Master P is slated to make waves in hip hop once again. alongside his new No-Limit artist, Maserati Rome, Ace B, Moe Roy, and the No-Limit Boyz to bring these stove-top stories to life.

These new gems show Master P mixing new school dope house swag with the thoughts of an original Calliope
hustler. It’s clear Master P kept his pager tucked and still has gas in the tank to ignite a No Limit Forever
buzz.  Master P and No-Limit Records single-handedly brought independent rappers to the forefront in
hip hop. No-Limit Forever Records is hot on the block. Bringing us several fire mix-tapes in
the last few years.  Tony Montana is the most recent LP added to his catalogue.  These tracks have
bass knocks that declare No-Limit and Master P have returned.

The music mogul blesses these young independent Southern rappers to emulate his professional pedigree. The latest single, “No Limit” produced for Usher is rising in street appreciation and currently in rotation on every urban radio station in the nation. The heavily coveted remix is on The G Mix-tape produced in 2016.

Raised in the Calliope Projects of New Orleans, Louisiana; Master P pinned the classic album, Ghetto D in 1997. The violence and struggle Master P saw motivated him to control his own fate, most notably selling CD’s out of his trunk, venue to venue throughout the Dirty South. He sparked a place as a legend in the rap culture. His OG
No-Limit Record album covers are emerging as an influence in urban art and fashion. From
The Ice Cream Man to a Business Man, Master P has the formula for success. Download the
mix-tape on media outlets or via website www.trutanksoldiers.com, the official page for No-Limit

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