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Published on April 8th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Tahtiana Jade – Shady AF

Timely topic behind ‘Shady AF’ illustrates
Tahtiana Jade’s timeless qualities

SAN FRANSICO, CA – Tahtiana Jade’s newest single, “Shady AF,” is a statement from her to the
world that she has depth behind her words and that her music can motivate others in bigger
and broader ways. The song is a trap/hip-hop influenced pop song that’s upbeat and immediately grabs the attention of anyone who hears the opening bars. It’s a song that she actually initially wrote a few years ago and then put on the shelf, but which she has pulled out because of the recent movements against sexual harassment – such as “Times Up” and “Me Too.”

“It’s a song about a couple of different things, but essentially it’s about women being shady and
catty with me,” Tahtiana said. “And it’s about experiences I’ve had in the industry with sexual
harassment. It’s a song that ties in really well with what’s going on now and puts a spotlight on
some of the shady scenarios I’ve unfortunately been a part of.”

Like most of her other music, “Shady AF” is a song that Tahtiana wrote, produced, played
instruments for, sang and recorded all on her own. As such she considers herself to be a female
artist who is the “complete package” – one who stands out from other female artists in the
industry because of that diverse skill-set. She also said her unique sound and style are different than anything else on the radio right now, though it is a sound that is current and fits with the
time and overall landscape of the music industry.

Though she’s hesitant to label her music into one genre, she said if she had to put a word to her
music she’d choose the word “Timeless.”

“That’s what I want people to think of my music: that it’s timeless,” she said. “If this single is
played in a club now, I think it could still be relevant in five years. It’s talking about scenarios that happen all the time. The beats hit hard. The lyrics are timeless. And that’s ultimately what I want my music to have: a timeless feel to it. And that’s why you can’t really put it in a box.”

Tahtiana said she hopes that the next five years of her career help to establish her as an artist
similar to those she has long looked up to – women such as Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Rhianna,
Beyonce, Adele and Pink … all artists who are “women who stand for female empowerment
and make really good music.”

“Shady AF” is currently available across all digital distribution sites and will be the first single off
an upcoming EP, which she hopes to release this summer. To listen to Tahtiana Jade’s music, or
to follow her on social media, please visit:
Snapchat – tahtibunnyboo

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