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Young Dirty On The Legacy Of ODB, Cryptocurrency & The Launch Of “The Dirty Coin”

Few artists have left a long-standing impression on hip-hop like the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard. While it has been almost 15 years since ODB passed away, his legacy remains fully preserved. Not only is his son Young Dirty touring and recording on a grand scale, but last month to the joy of people all over the world, the Estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard announced the creation of “The Dirty Coin.”

Dirty Coin, you ask? It is a new cryptocurrency created in partnership between the ODB Estate and Link Media Partners. As explained by Young Dirty: “Bitcoin is the future of money and all the fans want a part of the future of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. In the past, Dad’s music was ahead of its time, so it makes sense that he would be ahead of the technology of money now.” Reportedly, other ODB-related projects are currently in the works with Link Media Partners, a boutique artist and business development firm.

I spoke with Young Dirty — who will be hitting the road shortly with Digital Underground — on behalf of The Hype Magazine. Young Dirty can be followed on Twitter via @DirtyBastardJr.

What do you wish more people knew about your dad?

Young Dirty: I wish more people got the chance to understand that my father was incredibly intelligent. Before my two sisters Shaquita and Taniqua and I where enrolled an early childhood school, we were taught the Supreme mathematics, meaning knowledge is one and wisdom is two and three is understanding. Everyone he was around in his life learned something from him, he was a holistic teacher.

Is there more coming from the ODB Estate besides the Dirty Coin? More merch? A hologram?

Young Dirty: Yes, we are excited about engaging into cryptocurrency, taking the hip-hop industry into a true business that relies on economics. This will spark all types of merchandise coming forth. You never know what the future holds. Maybe we will do another hologram.

Has Young Dirty always been your name as an MC?

Young Dirty: Young Dirty is a name that was passed down from the heavens — my father’s name was Ol’ Dirty. It’s my chosen birthright musician name. Normally a father passes the throne to his son, but in this case my father passed away too early to do so. So I was appointed and I have special talents for the equation and I was so much like him that it was a no-brainer that I’ll be the one to help lead my family into fortune with the help of my mother and sisters and hard work.

Is it true that you will be touring in the near-future with Digital Underground?

Young Dirty: Yes, and it will be a great opportunity for me to tour with Digital Underground! That would be amazing because everything starts underground and then it goes mainstream. My father was mainstream, but every prince must rise on his own catapult. I’m amazed to have a strong family to help with my father’s legacy.

When did you first become interested in cryptocurrency?

Young Dirty: I first became interested in cryptocurrency when I heard about people investing in money into Bitcoin. This is why we teamed up with Link Media, and they made the dreams come true and from there we have a big year/ Every opportunity is ahead of us.

Aside from cryptocurrency, are there any other investments that you are interested in?

Young Dirty: I’m interested in helping children grow in their communities and not be statistics. I understand home development is key because we started at a young age of training and responsibilities is very important. That’s why I invest my time into my babies and my children.

When not busy with music and work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Young Dirty: On my off time, I like to meditate and watch my turtle because my turtle is very patient and that’s what we have to learn with life to move calmly and to be patient. Things will come if you call upon them let your dreams be your reality, and then you will build your momentum now you’re on the path of your destiny.

What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Young Dirty: The last concert I attended for fun was in Coney Island, Brooklyn and it was a sold-out performance by Slightly Stoopid. It was so much fun the people were filled with energy. I was in VIP, just chilling with the entourage. Sometimes you must encourage others to enjoy life because we only have one life to worship.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Young Dirty: The children and the babies are the future. It is our most important aspect they are the chosen ones to lead our generations to hope and prosperity so you must give them the chance. When they raise their hands to answer questions, that’s their chance to be the leaders and to make decisions, and we will all rise as one.

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