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Published on March 10th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Factors You Should Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investment is currently one of the quickest routes to financial gain. However, it’s equally a rapid way to lose your hard-earned income. Understanding cryptocurrency before engaging with it is crucial. Being knowledgeable about these volatile digital assets can aid in avoiding fraudulent activities. In this piece, we’ll explore several key aspects you should know before venturing into cryptocurrency investment.

Understand Your Cryptocurrency Investment Choices

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming significant in global markets, so it’s important to understand and accept the volatile and diverse nature of the crypto market. Ensure you’re ready to invest only what you can afford to lose.

Subsequently, decide which segment of the crypto market you’re interested in. Are you leaning towards well-established cryptos like Bitcoin, or do you prefer exploring lesser-known alternatives? Always buy Bitcoin online; this is generally safer.  If you see yourself as a bold investor, you might be more attracted to the higher-risk, lesser-known coins.

Understand Diversification

A significant number of investors acknowledge the importance of mixing up their investments. This implies that an investor’s asset distribution is spread out over various investment vehicles (domestic and international stocks, bonds, precious metals) instead of focusing solely on a single company’s stock. The primary principle here is to lessen risk; a portfolio dependent on a single company or commodity is generally more prone to risk than a diversified portfolio.

This same principle is extended to the field of cryptocurrency investments. There are various cryptocurrencies available for investment. Zeroing in only on one might be more risky than diversifying your investments across several different cryptos.

Understand Trading and Swapping Cryptocurrency

Find platforms that permit the deposit and withdrawal of local currency, serving as a gateway for transferring money into and from the cryptocurrency world. Gain knowledge on how to carry out elementary buying and selling transactions to ensure a straightforward process when you decide to transact. As cryptocurrencies are not yet fully integrated into everyday transactions, the ability to convert your earnings into local currencies is fundamental to make the most out of your profits.

Subject to Cyberattacks

While cryptocurrencies are founded on the highly secure blockchain technology, they are not entirely safeguarded from cybersecurity threats. The exchanges that are crucial in enhancing crypto trading and supporting currencies like Bitcoin don’t always utilize this same technology. This leaves them exposed to an array of cyberattacks.

Fraudsters are also resorting to identity imitation or spoofing on social media to trick users into providing them access to their cryptocurrency wallets. There have been instances where significant crypto exchanges were compromised, resulting in many investors losing their cryptocurrency assets.

Do Your Research

Before investing, allocate sufficient time to research projects to assess their long-term viability thoroughly and whether they align with your interests. Avoid buying anything merely on the recommendation of someone, known or unknown, particularly if they assure you of certain profits or a risk-free venture.

Any promises like these should be a red flag, prompting you to retreat immediately. The inherent risk factor in crypto is high, and it’s estimated that 95% of existing tokens will become worthless within the next ten years.


Before immersing yourself in crypto investing, the primary and most essential step is to thoroughly investigate. Frequently, investors are gripped by the fear of missing out on significant returns and hastily investing their money without thorough reflection. This can be sidestepped since it’s your hard-earned money that you’re dealing with.

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