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Published on May 18th, 2018 | by DiamondKesawn


On Set with ElijahJ for “Release”

Yesterday I had the chance to get on the set of ElijahJ’s upcoming video. This video is for his upcoming single entitled, “Release” slated to debut later this month.

Upon walking on set, the whole environment was very artistic. From the dancers in the main area practicing. To hair and makeup over in the white room getting the talent in and out. Serving as a multi-functional space, the location was dopeeeeeeeee. LoL! I got there kind of early as they were still setting up, however, I know there is a club scene, a dance breakdown, and a few other elements that I won’t spoil for you.

Taking time before he got started, I had the chance to catch up with ElijahJ and get the inside scoop on a few things. Take a listen.

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Elijah ”EJ” Johnson is an True Triple Threat entertainer. Elijah J is a mix between a young Will Smith, Usher, & Michael Jackson all in one. At an early age Elijah J was invited to perform Jackson 5 mini concerts around the country, being that Michael Jackson was his biggest inspiration to perform. Then at 9yrs old, he was cast, out of close to 8,000 kids, to star in Disney’s Broadway Musical, “The Lion King” as Young Simba. Elijah J starred in the Las Vegas production, National Touring production & briefly in NYC’s Broadway production. Elijah J still is still the only child actor to play Young Simba in all three productions.

At 13yrs old, Elijah J was chosen out of thousands of kids who auditioned across the country to be one of five lead singers in the national TV/Live singing group, “Kidz Bop”. Elijah J was a Kidz Bop kid for over 3 years, being apart of the many commercials, cd’s (Kidz Bop 20-Kidz Bop 24, all four albums made Billboard Top 5 (Hot 100) music charts & Three national tours.

In 2013, Elijah J joined the Global R&B boy band “Mindless Behavior” as the Lead singer and signed to EPIC records.” On his 18th birthday, the group released their album “#OfficialMBmusic” as an Independent group with Distribution from ADA Warner Brothers, along with 3 music videos. He also most recently starred as the lead character, this summer in a feature film called “Misguided” that is set to be released by “Studio 11 films” in 2017. In this film, Elijah J not only starred in the lead role but also helped shoot some of the film behind the scenes.


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