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Published on July 19th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Brent Butler Brings The Summer Vibes on “vybrent [REMIX]”

NYC-based rapper/producer Brent Butler gives Hype readers a preview of his “vybrent [REMIX]”, available on all platforms tomorrow, 7/20. The track is a striking update of “vybrent” from Brent’s debut solo EP, L I L A C.

In this re-imagining, the track is infused with fresh life as the beat is augmented by updated percussion and lyrical subtleties. Prepare for some sweet summer sounds and energetic turns at the mic from Brent as well as fellow NYC rappers, Ohene Cornelius and Deascent. With the “vybrent [REMIX]”, Brent Butler has us hyped for the weekend and excited to see what comes next from this rising talent.

Brent gives us the story behind the remix:

“When rapper, Ohene Cornelius, heard the original “vybrent” (the first record completed and distributed from L I L A C), he immediately demanded a remix with a verse of his own. At that time, I still had months of writing and producing ahead of me to finish the EP – remix considerations were nowhere on my radar. Undeterred, Ohene crashed a studio session and laid down a verse that captured the energy of the song so perfectly that I began rethinking everything. Cut to the next day: Deascent (rapper, longtime friend, and coauthor of our 2015 EP, THE COLD PRESS), heard “the Ohene cut” and wanted in as well. His verse completely  blew me away; I couldn’t ignore fate and knew a remix was inevitable. However, I wasn’t going to do a remix that wasn’t truly…remixed. I broke the beat down and rebuilt it with a reimagined structure, new sounds and samples, and brand new lyrics of my own. People should think of this as much more than a remix, almost like a part 2.”

Check out the original cut of “vybrent” on Brent’s recently released L I L A C EP:

Keep up to date with Brent via:

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