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Published on July 12th, 2018 | by Landon Buford


Brittney Griner Says She Will Have To Evaluate Her Time In The WNBA Due To Equal Pay Concerns

Courtesy of Brittney Griner

There is a massive on going discussion in professional sports  regarding the pay discrepancy between the NBA and the WNBA. Las Vegas Ace’s Forward  A’ja Wilson took to Twitter  voicing her frustration after LeBron James announcement On July 1st. His offer and acceptance at $154 million four year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers must be nice.  “154M ……….. must. be. nice. We over here looking for a M 🙃 but Lord, let me get back in my lane” said Wilson

Since Wilson’s Tweet publications such as Ebony Magazine, The Source, Breitbart, and The Las Vegas Review have featured Wilson’s Tweet in their coverage. This has now caught the attention of two NBA All-Stars, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers, and Demar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors.

Damian Lillard said to Her Hoop Stats : “They deserve a lot more respect. They deserve to make a lot more money than they do. I think it’s time people start recognizing that they are professional athletes and they should be treated like it and their league should be elevated…”

DeRozan would also speak on the topic “Women’s game, in general, is awesome. I think they deserve way more recognition than what they’re getting and tonight’s game is a great example of that. The excitement, how hard they play…” told Her Hoop Stats

.@DeMar_DeRozan: “Women’s game, in general, is awesome. I think they deserve way more recognition than what they’re getting and tonight’s game is a great example of that. The excitement, how hard they play…” @WNBA #wnba #WatchMeWork

— Her Hoop Stats (@herhoopstats) July 8, 2018

Wilson has definitely sparked a conversation that needs to be had not only in professional sports but in society as a whole.  I had the opportunity to speak with Phoenix Mercury Center Brittney Griner about equal pay in the WNBA. After the Mercury’s game against the Dallas Wings on July 10th and here is what she had to say.

“We should get paid more I don’t know where it is supposed to come from that is not my job. That is somebody else’s job, but we should definitely get paid more there is no reason why we should have to go overseas to make a living… All we hear is that it is going to get better and we are working on it… So, what is happening?  Because we do not see it in our paychecks.” Said Griner, I would follow up that question with asking did they plan on teaming up with Hope Solo, because she is having similar issues with the Team USA Soccer Federation to try to figure it out across the board?

Griner would continue by stating: I mean at this point; maybe we should go on strike and not play and see if anybody cares at this point I would be willing to do it. At this point, it is not getting any better talking about it. It is going to come down to at the end of my career why the hell am I still playing in the WNBA. Like I am playing for what?  To hurt myself, so I can not go overseas? And honestly, if I weren’t with the Phoenix Mercury, I would not be playing right now in the WNBA for What? Why? You do your job to make money to support you. This is not doing anything overseas is. So, I am not going to put that forever!”

Last week I also had the opportunity to speak with the Seattle Storm’s Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart about possibly owning a piece of Seattle Super Sonics when they return. Here is there reactions.

“If by hat you mean money, that is a different question, but being someone that was here when the Sonics were here. I love that people are talking about it not just Dwyane Wade, but other people throughout the NBA and even Russell Wilson in the NFL. People have been talking about wanting the Sonics back, and it has obviously been the topic of conversation since they left.  I think for us anything we can do to help I do not think it would be a monetary thing or not.” Says Bird.

“I don’t think it is a monetary thing, so much, I feel enough people would invest in it. Its just actually getting them here.” Said Stewart.

Bird would continue by stating that she thinks it will happen and “the fact that people are talking about it the process will happen sooner. ” I would love to be a part of anything and anyone that is trying to bring the Sonics here.”

Someone like Sue Bird who has played 16 years in the WNBA, should have the same financial capabilities as her male counterparts that as touted as superstars and ambassadors for their respected leagues. Equality across the board is what professional athletes are starting to come together to achieve their common goal. We will keep you updated as this conversation continues.


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