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Published on June 4th, 2022 | by Guest Editor


Giving Back Generation 2 and 3 Premieres to Open Up Tough Conversations about Mental Health

TaTaTu, the social entertainment platform that rewards people for their social media activities such as watching signature content, debuted Seasons 2 and 3 of the vodcast “Giving Back Generation” during Mental Health Awareness Month.

“Giving Back Generation” is an inspiring social awareness vodcast series that features guests being vulnerable and candidly discussing important issues and life lessons. Through deep and personal conversations, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, and singers share touching and personal experiences on how they give back and create social impact. Seasons 2 and 3 primarily focus on the different aspects of mental health, including eating disorders, overcoming grief, healing through food, bullying, inclusion, and the power of community. The first three episodes can be watched here and new episodes will be released each Tuesday. 

Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment and Frequency Production produced the project, hosted by Raquelle Stevens and directed by Chiara Tilesi.

Andrea Iervolino, CEO and founder of TaTaTu and Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, says,“ We are proud to be producing and releasing these two new seasons of Giving Back Generation as a TaTaTu Original series. These seasons of Giving Back Generation share powerful, vulnerable stories that align with TaTaTu’s mission of providing content that can have a positive social impact. I hope these episodes help continue to destigmatize mental health struggles during these trying times.” 

Chiara Tilesi, Director/Producer of “Giving Back Generation” Seasons 1 – 3 and Founder of Frequency Production says, “Giving Back Generation has been an incredible journey. I learned the importance of talking about this new epidemic of mental health. One of the strongest messages through this vodcast series is that we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about mental health. On the contrary, we should bring as much awareness to it as possible so none of us feel alone or hopeless. For me, the ultimate goal for the Giving Back Generation vodcast is to use social media to create a positive impact and better the world.”

 The episodes are hosted by Raquelle Stevens, who says, “After filming season one of Giving Back Generation, I was looking forward to continuing the series in 2020, then the pandemic hit. It was a time of a lot of uncertainty and reflection. As life started to normalize again somewhat, I was having so many conversations with friends who felt anxious and unsure about what was ahead. I read articles with staggering statistics about people struggling with their mental health. Through all of these conversations and research, I wanted to keep the series the same, where I talked to people about their life journeys and how they use their lives to give back. Still, I thought it was crucial for seasons two and three to focus specifically on talking to individuals who use their platforms to make a difference in the mental health space. All of the conversations in both seasons are uplifting and inspiring but also offer practical ways to better our mental health in these uncertain times we are living in. I hope that people will be encouraged and know that they are not alone.”

The episodes can be streamed here: ​ https://web.tatatu.com/cinema and will debut each week. With each new episode, autographed merchandise from the interviewees will be available in the Live Auctions on TaTaTu. The more time spent on TaTaTu, the more rewards the user earns in TTU Coins. Interviewees include the following:

Giving Back Generation Season 2: Taylor Ann Thompson, Tanya Rad, Leonor Varela, Emil Nava, Selena Gomez, Ashley Cook, Serena Poon, Gabe Kennedy, Elisa Sednaoui Dellal, Leo Gassmann, Giulia De Lellis, Miguel Gobbo Diaz, Giulia Stabile.    

Giving Back Generation Season  3: Sarah Dubbeldam, Imani McGee-Stafford, Jay Shetty, Radhi Shetty, Leah Haywood, Chari Hawkins, Charles Lew, Genevieve Medow-Jenkins, Natalie Manuel, Arianne Phillips, Irma Testa, Gabriel Garko, Guillermo Mariotto, Alessio Sakara.

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