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Published on January 5th, 2024 | by Charles Myambo


16 Year Old Phenom, Gavin Magnus Sheds Light on His Journey to Superstardom & BLURRY EYES Release

Gavin Magnus is a once in a generation star. His rise to prominence has been emphatic and quite unprecedented considering his tender age. Still only 16, Gavin has already reached milestones that some mainstream celebrities never reach in their entire career.

The young man has a whooping 6 million subscribers on YouTube and several other millions of loyal fans across other platforms. His multifaceted ability to entertain, sing, perform and captivate an audience has culminated in the global superstar status he now has today. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Gavin Magnus (GM). Below are the excerpts from the interview.

Globally Acclaimed Artist & Entertainer – “Gavin Magnus” (Artist Submitted)

CM: Gavin, you’re a bonafide superstar who has garnered global attention! How did it all start for you?

GM: Honestly I picked up a camera at 10 years old and was obsessed with being in the spotlight. I started to go viral on my content and then I made a song at 12 called crushing and in a day it had 5 million views. I have to honestly contribute a lot of my success to the support of my Mom who helps manage my social media and my dad who also helps out with everything.

CM: Your talent is quite vast and dynamic. You’re an artist, an influencer, an entertainer and much more. What would you say is your primary passion and purpose?

GM: Music has been my primary passion since I was little. I always had a dream to be on the stage at Madison Square Garden one day. I love being in the spotlight. I also love fashion and have, believe it or not, done TV series and commercials as a young child. I see myself as very different than any other artist out there my age as I already built a huge audience just haven’t had the platinum record yet haha.

CM: Very few people can ever reach the level of fame you have today, let alone all before the age of 18! What impact has this fame had on your personal life and the lives of your family?

GM: I think fame has impacted me mostly in a positive way so far but there are times that having a normal social life can be difficult at 16. I feel like I’m a pretty grounded person and role model

CM: You have amassed well over 6 million loyal subscribers on YouTube. Walk me through how to build such a committed and large fanbase.

GM: It all started with a camera and a dream and a will to win. I worked with a group of kids and we all grew together and amassed a huge teen fan base that has grown with me for years. It’s also about consistency and time management.

CM: It is very clear that you’ve done very well for yourself, especially factoring your young age. What are your aspirations for the short term and long term future?

GM: Short term, keep progressing every day in my craft and work on being a better version of myself and do something better every day then I did yesterday.

CM: Success is often preceded or accompanied by obstacles. What are some of the biggest life challenges you have faced thus far?

GM: Biggest obstacle is balancing your mental health and making time for family and making sure at the same time you’re not slacking on your content. I’m 16 so my family makes sure I have plenty of time to just figure it out me.

CM: Thanks for the interview Gavin. You have the last word. What would you want to tell our readers and followers?

GM: Stream BLURRY EYES everywhere now and come hangout at my bi-coast tour!

Tickets are already available and can be purchased online. 

Decorated Artist & Content Creator – “Gavin Magnus” (Artist Submitted)


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