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Published on October 31st, 2023 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Media Partnership 

Dear [Event Organizer/Contact Person] for Media Partnership,

I trust this message finds you well. I am delighted to represent The Hype Magazine, a distinguished media outlet of more than 21 years, which has been delivering captivating stories, interviews, impactful editorials, and select media partnership opportunities since 2002.

We are grateful for the prospect of working with you to cover your upcoming event. At The Hype Magazine, our commitment is to provide our readers and subscribers with content spanning a diverse array of interests, including fashion, gaming, movies, MMA, EDM, rock, and celebrities from all walks. With our expansive, dedicated, and varied audience, your event will enjoy deeper reach across various interest groups, making it an exceptional platform for promotion.

Why Choose The Hype Magazine as Your Media Partner?

Diverse Audience: The Hype Magazine caters to a broad and diverse audience, ensuring that your event gains exposure across various interest groups.

National Print Distribution: Since 2013, The Hype Magazine has enjoyed national distribution, reaching select Walgreens, Barnes and Noble, Book’s A Million, Target, K-Mart, 7-11, and other physical retailers. This extensive distribution network provides your event with the opportunity to be featured on a national level.

Digital Reach: The Hype Magazine reaches over 2 million unique visitors per month, with a social media reach of over 1 million. Additionally, we launched our TV Channel in November 2017, offering direct access to The Hype’s live TV programming and hours of video on demand (VOD) for our readers to explore and watch live on (Channel 72) and ROKU.

What The Hype Magazine Requires for Event Partnership:

Access to the Red Carpet: The Hype Magazine requires suitable red carpet access to capture exclusive interviews, photographs, and moments that will enhance our coverage of your event.

Access to the Event: In addition to the red carpet, we request general access to the event to ensure well-rounded coverage for our engaged audience across our multiple platforms. Discretion is always a key point of awareness with our team of professionals and our live inside coverage clips will revolve solely around key moments of the happening.

Media Sponsorship Request:

To facilitate comprehensive coverage of your event, we kindly request you to complete the sponsorship request form linked below. This enables us to understand your specific media requests and coverage objectives better, ensuring a tailored and successful collaboration. We require full access to any event we sponsor, guaranteeing our ability to capture the essence of the occasion and provide our audience with engaging and compelling content.

What The Hype Magazine Offers for Media Partnership:

Wide Reach: The Hype Magazine boasts a vast readership, including individuals who are actively engaged in their communities and are eager to support worthwhile causes.

Quality Content: We are dedicated to providing high-quality content, ensuring that your event or organization receives the spotlight it deserves.

Diverse Audience: Our audience encompasses various demographics and interests, providing a broad platform to reach potential supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Expertise: Our experienced editorial team is well-versed in showcasing community initiatives’ unique and impactful aspects.

Online and Offline Presence: We offer both online and offline exposure, enabling your message to reach a broad spectrum of individuals.

We are here to assist and ensure our community partnerships are mutually beneficial and impactful. We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with you and contribute to the success of your community events and initiatives. Together, we can make a difference and continue building stronger, more vibrant communities.

Thank you for considering The Hype Magazine as your media sponsor. We are excited about collaborating with you to create positive change.


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