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Published on April 8th, 2024 | by Crystal Willis


Krish Sidhu Leads ‘Hydrate to Elevate’ to Talk Tech Innovation in Hydration and Holistic Wellness

In an unprecedented virtual summit, Krish Sidhu, CEO of The Evolved Co, led the “Hydrate to Elevate” event, a pivotal moment in global wellness discussions. As a pioneer in health and fitness technology, Sidhu orchestrated a distinguished panel that included Grammy-Nominated entrepreneur Kay Cola, acclaimed fitness trainer to the stars Corey Calliet, entrepreneur and pharmacist Dr. Robin Barrett, mindfulness expert Shira Lazar, Eighty/Twenty podcast hosts supermodel Shanina Shaik and international DJ Georgia Sinclair. The summit, in collaboration with LOOP and moderated by its Co-CEO and Co-Founder Alisa Jacobs, transformed the narrative on hydration’s essential role in enhancing career, fitness, relationships, and mindfulness, offering an exclusive peek at PerformH2O on Amazon, marking a shift towards comprehensive well-being.

The event was underpinned by PerformH2O, an innovative hydration solution now accessible on Equipped with the <33™ Frequency Plate, PerformH2O extends beyond simple hydration, boosting performance, supporting recovery, and improving well-being. Initially crafted for elite athletes, its proven benefits are available to everyone, positioning PerformH2O as a groundbreaking addition to the hydration sector.

Krish Sidhu took center stage as the host and keynote speaker, showcasing his expertise and dynamic leadership in health and fitness. His extensive background in martial arts, music, and philanthropy, combined with his business savvy and dedication to innovation, highlighted his influential role at The Evolved Co and with PerformH2O.

The summit addressed the vital connection between hydration and cognitive functions, including memory, attention, and more. It emphasized the critical link between dehydration and cognitive deterioration, underscoring the importance of proper hydration for mental wellness.

The “Hydrate to Elevate” Summit featured insightful discussions with renowned speakers on the multifaceted benefits of hydration:

  • “The Thirst for Success,” led by Alisa Jacobs with Kay Cola, spotlighted hydration’s impact on career and productivity.
  • “Hydrate. Elevate. Activate!” with Corey Calliet and Dr. Robin Barrett, highlighted the link between hydration and physical health.
  • “HarmonyH2O,” with Shanina Shaik and Georgia Sinclair, delved into hydration’s effects on personal wellness and relationships.
  • “Balancing Act,” moderated by Shira Lazar, focused on hydration’s influence on mindfulness, mental clarity, and emotional stability.

The summit concluded with a recap of key insights, appreciation for speakers and sponsors, and a challenge to discover PerformH2O’s transformative hydration benefits. Krish Sidhu’s concluding remarks inspired attendees and provided them with actionable insights on the significant impact of hydration on holistic wellness. This landmark event has undoubtedly shifted perceptions towards a more integrated approach to well-being. Embrace the chance to enhance your wellness journey with PerformH2O, available on Amazon now.

Watch the full stream of the Hydrate to Elevate Summit here!

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