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Published on September 8th, 2018 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Nathan Ali – I Wanna Know

Canadian hip-hop artist Nathan Ali is thrilled to release his new melodic R&B single, “I Wanna Know”. The Toronto-based artist is excited to release new music, including a self-titled EP slated for Fall 2018, which showcases his vocal talent as well as his a more mature, urban musical sound. Nathan has been previously featured in the critically acclaimed urban music blog of Toronto-based producer Boi-1da, and later featured again on their “The Majors, The Minors & The Newcomers” for 2015 (featured under Nathan’s former alias). Throughout his musical career, Nathan has gone on to perform countless shows including ones at the Scotiabank Arena (formerly Air Canada Centre), Rogers Centre, Hard Rock Cafe, Yonge-Dundas Square for the Grey Cup, We Day in Montreal and many more.

While Nathan has always been deeply involved in the music industry, he comes from a legendary musical lineage that he only discovered in his early 20’s. Having grown up with a single mother and eventually moved to foster care, Nathan decided to look for his father after becoming one himself. Not only did he find out he was one of seven children across North America, but his search led him to discover his father was legendary Motown Funk Brother, Gary Martin. As if that weren’t enough, his search also unveiled that his great uncle was famed Chicago Blues artist Hubert Sumlin (featured as one of Rolling Stones’ greatest guitarists of all time), who also mentored Gary growing up. By the time Nathan made his discovery, he was already deeply embedded in Canada’s music scene, making music about the adversities and violence he had to overcome growing up without his father around. Now a family man himself, Nathan looks forward to carrying on the torch and continuing on with the family tradition of sharing music with the world, using his story of perseverance to remind others that any dream is possible with passion and purpose.

Nathan Ali’s new single “I Wanna Know” is available across major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Nathan’s new single “I Wanna Know” is a transitional, melodic R&B track that infuses elements of soul and blues for a dynamic, and deeply intimate single. The song is a storytelling of someone entering a new relationship while carrying baggage from their past and contemplating whether or not they’re ready to start something new. Illustrating some of the insecurities and vulnerabilities we all feel entering a new relationship, the single is a dialogue between both partners trying to navigate these new territories together. As Nathan starts to build momentum for his self-titled EP set to be released later this year, his first single is just a small taste of what’s to come for the artist. Packed with singles that he all wrote himself, his EP is a raw and personal ode to his story, all wrapped in a masterfully produced urban influenced album.

“I want my music to be a reflection of my life, something listeners can relate to no matter where they’re coming from. I want my truth to resonate with others and inspire them to look past and get out of whatever negativity they’re going through,” says music artist Nathan Ali. “‘I Wanna Know’ is just a small glimpse of my truth and what people can expect to hear on the upcoming album. Music has helped set me free in so many ways that I want to have that same impact with listeners.”

Music has long been ingrained in Nathan’s life since he was a young child. He first got his start by singing, but it wasn’t until he turned around 12-years-old that he tapped into his natural talent for freestyling. His calibre of talent led him to do various shows and performances until it got him noticed, and landed him a commercial for Goodlife Fitness in his hometown of London, ON. The commercial went on to get featured on local news stations and played regularly in his local area, making the young teen a local celebrity.

Growing up in a single parent household and later moved into the foster care system, Nathan’s childhood was far from easy. When times were turbulent, he focused on his music which doubled up as an emotional and creative outlet for him. It wasn’t until Nathan had his first child in his 20’s that his life started to turn around. During that time, he decided to look for his biological father – a journey of self discovery that took a remarkable turn. Not only did he discover he was one of seven siblings scattered across North America, but he was also the son of legendary Motown Funk Brother, Gary Martin. While his love for music never went away, after discovering his roots Nathan returned to his craft with a whole newfound passion and purpose. Today, like the generations before him, Nathan looks forward to sharing his music with the world. Through his upcoming singles and EP, he hopes to share his story of overcoming adversity in his life and set an example to others, enforcing the belief anything is possible if you work on your dreams.

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