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Published on October 26th, 2018 | by Jason Bourne


BMB Empire artist Dre Butterz releases his most candid work, “Wish You Well”

One of the least spoken upon issues in the black community, mental illness, has come to the forefront on message boards and comment sections with the recent actions of icon Kanye West. Quickly criticized as “crazy” by those who lack empathy, the Chicago native has been very forthcoming about the root of his behavior – mental health. Like so many others, Kanye battles concerns that can result in “eccentric” behavior at times. Behavior that is at the very least misunderstood. Like so many other creators, their respective art forms and platforms become the outlet for their expression opening themselves up to the world in this most authentic state.

So too is the path journeyed by BMB Entertainment music producer Dre Butterz. Coming to terms with the importance of his candidly discussing how making music has become his saving grace; before, during, and after checking himself into a treatment facility last year as a resulting of experiencing symptoms of anxiety and exhaustion.

“One day while at the hospital, I was just standing outside smoking a cigarette and like always the music made its way to my consciousness. I heard a beat, and it hit me that I didn’t have anything to play, no instruments, or keys to touch and for a minute I was shook…but then I just began to snap my fingers and the music just flowed through my hands. Suddenly others around me started chiming in, making beats with their voices, and on the wall, it might sound crazy, but it was one of the most powerful jam sessions I’ve ever had.”

– Dre Butterz

Over a 10 day span Dre received help in identifying where some of his issues stemmed from, while consuming mild medication to aid in his anxiety and allowing for much needed rest. Coming to terms with his reality and that which awaited him in the belly of ridicule and criticism so easily utilized in the African American community, Dre returned primed and ready to be a voice for his peers and example for the world of what resilience looks like.

Getting back into the lab, Dre was once again churning out melodic magic the music which will compromise his soon to be released masterpiece aptly entitled Wish You Well. The solo EP features Dre Butterz as the artist vs Dre Butterz beat-maker.

In his own words, “Wish You Well is the most real, I’ve allowed myself to be in a very long time. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and thankful that I allowed myself to submit to something different, the outcome is me being my best self, and one of my best bodies of work.”


Check out the track-list below:

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