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Published on October 30th, 2018 | by DJ Luos


Exclusive: Catch a Glimpse of the World’s First Micro-Amusement Park ‘Two Bit Circus’

The Hype Magazine took a special guided “Media Day” tour of “Two Bit Circus” the worlds first Micro-Amusement Park located in Downtown Los Angeles. Two Bit Circus features the latest in immersive entertainment. Like all amusement parks, Two Bit Circus is divided across various themed zones. These zones offer the most innovative content in the park, “Story Rooms” similar to escape rooms, “The Arena” featuring state of the art VR entertainment, “Cabanas” private rooms for groups and “Club 01” an interactive game theater for up to 100 players that features a wine tasting game show.

Fill up your fun time with The Midway (classic carnival games reinvented!), The Arcade (a selection of classic and original arcade games), Robot Bartender (A fully Stocked bar with a mechanical mixologist). Two Bit Circus hosted a special tasting of their new menu of reimagined carnival fare and circus-inspired cocktails, as well as a guided tour of the new high tech big top, a 38k square-foot amusement Park which offers a circus-inspired menu of delectable treats suitable to the Los Angeles palette.

Two Bit Circus is introducing a new era of big top entertainment. It’s a new breed of the micro-amusement park, daydreamed by scholars of engineering, students of clowning, maestros of the culinary arts, and misfits of chemistry. Two Bit Circus was engineered for those that are sturdy to the rigors of high-velocity fun. Seekers of once-in-a-lifetime experiences on an at least weekly basis. Who delight in the powers of dry ice. They’ve created this bizarro-world circus, following the tenets of their own carny credo.

Two Bit Circus is a platform for interactive experiences, showcasing the best in free-roam VR/AR/XR, robot bartenders, interactive stage shows, re-imagined arcade games and more. They maintain full stack production capabilities; bringing concepts from prototype to exhibition, combining electronics, programming, fabrication, creativity & robotics. As a nonprofit educational organization, they cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship, and spur community engagement by providing students with access to STEAM education. Smashing together everything we love about old school carnival games, circus performance, vintage video games, arcades, and cutting-edge future-tech, they created a brand new kind of social play space. Unlike traditional entertainment experiences, Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Parks are designed to encourage elbow-to-elbow play amongst people who may have once been strangers.

Two Bit Circus is a location-based entertainment company exploring the future of fun. The team of artists, inventors, educators, and performers build social games and experiences that aim to inspire, engage and reinvent the way people play. They are opening a network of Micro-Amusement ParksTM beginning with downtown Los Angeles, Calif. For more information, visit www.twobitcircus.com or follow @TwoBitCircus.

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