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Kloë Shinn: From A-list Songwriter to Popstar in “Her Own” Right

Courtesy of Kloë Shinn

Kloë Shinn is a Korean/Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. As an accomplished songwriter, Kloë has worked with such major studios as Disney and Universal during the course of her career. Her music has also been featured on numerous hit TV shows, like “Dancing With The Stars,” “Love & Hip Hop,” “The Real Housewives,” “Queer Eye” on Netflix, “The View,” and many more. When it came time for the theme music for Meghan Markle’s film “Random Encounters,” Kloë was chosen to create music and give the future Dutchess of Sussex’s romantic comedy that fairytale feel.

Kloë is now shifting her focus from behind the scenes to sharing her new sound with the world as a solo recording artist. She’s currently gearing up for a fall release of her brand new 6-song EP entitled “My Own Mini Album.” The title of the EP is a play on words that partly references the EP’s lead single “My Own,” which was released earlier this year, while also acknowledging her endeavor into this new musical pursuit she can finally call “her own.”

I recently spoke to Shinn about what she wants her fans to take from her music and what gets her creative juices flowing. In addition, when she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the music industry.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to pursue a career in music?
As far as I can remember, I wanted to pursue a career in music and I was always creative. As a kid, I grew up around good music being played all the time so I think I “caught the bug” simply listening to artists like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Beatles, Michael Jackson… and many more. At an early age, it really inspired me and I just knew I wanted to make my own music from that point on.

Can you talk about how your upbringing in Canada has influenced your creativity as an artist?

Canada is amazing and I like your question because it has totally influenced my creativity as an artist. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced being Canadian, but there’s a real, genuine love for the arts there. Even though it’s a large country, it still has the vibe of a tight-knit music/art community. That atmosphere allowed me to explore my creativity and find my voice as an artist.

Earlier this year you released your single “My Own.” Can you talk about what inspired you to make the single?
“My Own” was such a fun record to make. I went into this session with an open mind/heart and wanted to make something genuine – and then the song flowed out from there. It’s a sort of “coming alive” song. It’s about finding transformative love with someone that changes your whole life. It doesn’t have to be a romantic person but could take on many meanings. The main lyric of the chorus says, “I’ve been on my own, so used to walking this alone but then you found me with your love.” Love is powerful!   
As an artist, what is the message that you would like fans to take from your music?
I would like my fans to be empowered and uplifted when listening to my music. Of course, every song has a specific message, be it heartbreak, love, anger, or just a “turn up dancing in the club” record (and I do love those) but at the core of it all, I would like people to walk away feeling lighter than they did before they listened to my songs.
In a variety of your music videos, you can be seen playing the guitar. How old were you when first decided to start learning how to play it?
I learned piano first at the age of 10, which was because I wanted to write and sing my own songs. Then, when my love for songwriting grew, I decided to learn guitar around the age of 13. 

You are currently working on a mini album. When can we expect that to be released?

November! I’m so excited to release it. I’ll be letting fans know in the coming weeks the exact date. 

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