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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Why is Beer Such a Popular Festival Drink?

If there’s one thing that you can expect to see at a music festival, it’s people drinking beer. Right up there with sweaty concert-goers throwing hygiene to the wind, people performing dance moves that don’t seem humanly possible and glow sticks in every single color is drinking beer.

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Beer has become such a concert staple that at this point, we no longer question it. We no longer wonder why the delicious frothy beverage becomes the go-to drink when we’re moshing, two-stepping or just trying to find our tents in the dark. But now is the time to wonder why so many who reject the amber nectar the rest of the year take it up with such gusto come festival season. So let’s explore just why exactly beer is such a popular festival drink.

Beer caters to all kinds of tastes

As alcoholic beverages go, beer is one incredibly versatile drink. While a music concert or festival may be attended by upwards of 10,000 people all with different tastes, there is a beer to suit each very specific tendency and so eventually everyone winds up sipping said drink. There are fruity beers, malty beers, hoppy beers, drinks you can pair with desserts – or you could even use beer to replace desserts entirely if you feel so inclined. It’s unlikely that you’re going to find a packet of millionaire’s shortbread or a delightful slice of strawberry cheesecake at a festival (certainly not for a reasonable price), but a beer? For sure.

Tickets are expensive, beer is cheap

Do you think the headline performers go to festivals just for fun? Think again: they’re getting paid good money to do so, money that comes from your ticket purchases. Look at some of the best music festivals in America and you’ll notice that they all have high ticket prices in common. A ticket for electronic dance music festival Electric Zoo will cost around $100 for a single-day pass but expect to pay even more extortionate prices from resellers. As such, when you’ve spent all your change on the ticket to get in, you’re going to be drinking beer, not just because it tastes great but because it’s mighty affordable too.

Beer keeps you cool

Let’s face it, when you’re at a festival, the usual methods of keeping cool in the heat totally go out the window. You already have to stagger around yelling “Marco! Polo!” just to locate your friends, so don’t even bother trying to remember where you put your cooling gel face mask or your facial misting spray. But for the times when you can’t find a thing, your chilled out friend beer is always there for you. Sure, you may have lost the entire friend group with whom you came to the event, but we’re sure you’re able to find the man with the ice cold cooler.

The fact that beer is so popular at festivals is no bad thing. It tastes good, feels good and you know you’re going to enjoy it, more so than an ambitious cocktail concoction. So crack open a cold one and enjoy the tunes.

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