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Published on November 1st, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Young Saint Nick & Victory Ardene Are On A Search For “Gold”

Young Saint Nick (YSN) was born in Newmarket (Canada) and raised in the studio, YSN picked up a pen and paper at 16 and gave his best shot on the mic but didn’t get really serious until meeting his partner in crime Victor Ardene. Victor started producing at 15 and went to college for it where he was in the top rankings of his whole class. Before making music with Victor, YSN made the worst sounding in quality mixtape you have ever heard before called “Raised in the Studio” and gave it to one of his rap idols Snak the Ripper at a ‘Meet and Greet.’ YSN never got a response.

Thank God for his partner to pop in his life and they re-recorded/re-mastered every track on the mixtape and even added an original song to the mixtape also called “Raised in the Studio” which was released on Youtube as singles and as a full mixtape, and has the overall sound quality most people are used to.

The song “Raised in the Studio” is a creative metaphorical semi-fictional story about Young Saint Nick’s upbringing in the studio and they created it during the recordings of the mixtape. During this whole process they were pumping out original music that was actually getting good responses. After their first song “Moving On” about getting away and out of a situational place and all the drama that comes along with it, YSN literally said “I don’t think I can do this again,” later they dropped an 8 track album across 150+ music platforms.

At first, YSN’s lyrical ability wasn’t at it’s prime compared to “Raised in the Studio” because of the amount of medication he was put on, Nick was a zombie, but in all fairness, YSN was taken off most of his meds and started reaching lyrical levels I bet even talented successes dream of. YSN was starting to surpass some of his idols like Eminem and Nonstop in categories of music and his alternate past time being the dance style “Popping” in ways he used to imagine, with people that would vouch similar!

YSN was influenced by Eminem mainly because he looked up to lyrical abilities and his story, Young Saint Nick worked hard to get to where he is, it’s safe to say he’s on his way to reaching levels only Slim Shady is on. Nonstop was the main dancer YSN watched growing up, mimicking his movements for practice and developing his skills slowly over the course of 7 years dancing and writing, with his natural touch and work ethic YSN has been told by a friend that they would literally rather watch him than Nonstop. That was a huge moment in YSN’s life, only time will tell where is extraordinary work ethic will take him.


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