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The Hype Magazine Interviews Discrete

We caught up with the mysterious producer from Stockholm to discuss his new single ‘Never Know’.

Hey August, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. I want to dwelve right in and ask you how your new single ‘Never Know’ came about?

I went over to Dennis studio one day this summer and we just started out trying out different stuff and started out with a cool beat. Which he later sent to me and I played around with it for a while trying to blend in the different types of genres into one. Funny thing is, one of the last elements I added was the brass sounds which pretty much identifies the song.

Maria Mathea is credited for the awesome top line on the track, how did you meet and the collaboration materialize?

Funny thing is that we actually never met before the song got released, we threw a big release-party here in Stockholm and that was the first time me and Maria met, the whole process of the song was a big team effort and thankfully Pete Barringer took his time to record Maria in the UK. She is such an amazing artist and person.

The track is described as a three-way amalgam of genres. What genre would you describe your sound as?

I don’t see myself to be described in a genre, the upcoming songs from me is actually very different from ”Never Know”. The main thing is that it’s made by me. I love to discover new stuff and try out different things, this makes it more interesting for people to listen and especially for me to keep the creativity flowing.

Where did the name Discrete come from?

The first idea was to hold the whole artist-thing anonymous and then Discrete sounded like an good option for a name. I also want to have the separation of this artist project from my other projects going on. But then I scrapped the anonymous part of the artist project but kept the name cause it was cool and rest of the concept fits the name. It does not really matter who I am as long as the music is great.

Do you have any plans to tour as Discrete?

We’re currently planning one right now, I can’t talk to much about right now but as fast as we know more I’ll tell you.

If you could pick, who would an ideal future collaboration be with?

There is so many, I love the experience to share a creative workflow, that’s when the real magic happens. But lately all I’ve been listening to is Billie Eilish so that would be cool.

Give us the last 3 artists you were listening to and why?

The new Skrillex remix of SICKO MODE is crazy, It’s been on repeat all day, Skrillex never stops surprising me with his productions, Billie Eilish of course and just the other day a friend of mine introduced me to Jordan Rakei, which is amazing.

Stream ‘Never Know’ here.

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