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Who Is Future Bass Producer and DJ PLS&TY?

Back Story: PLS&TY is quickly becoming one of the most distinguished stars of the Future Bass world today. The rising forward-thinking producer has already amassed tens of millions of plays on Soundcloud alone and hit the #1 spot on the Hype Machine charts an unprecedented thirteen times – and all this in the space of just one year.

With influential tastemaker blogs profiling his work on a regular basis, releases for distinguished labels like Universal Music, OWSLA, Dim Mak, Disruptor Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records, Wind- Up/Concord Music Group and more, his chilled, wavy electronic production has won him fans right the way around the world.

His Remix of Genevieve’s “Colors” was placed in a multi-million dollar Hershey’s “Hello Happy” television commercial that has been viewed over a billion times; K-Pop stars GOT7 performed to his Remix of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” at the 2015 SBS Awards Festival in front of a TV audience of millions. His single “Run Wild” even saw a feature as the theme song for Canada’s hit reality television show, Occupation Double.

“Good Vibes” became PLS&TY’s breakout hit & first glimpse at mainstream success. After landing a licensing deal with Universal Music Group, PLS&TY’s “Good Vibes” would top the iTunes charts in multiple countries (including the #1 position on the iTunes United States Electronic Charts) in the first week of release, and would debut on Spotify’s Viral Charts in Germany, Poland, and The Netherlands.

“Down For Me” followed the success of PLS&TY’s breakout hit “Good Vibes,” peaking in the top 10 of iTunes United States Dance charts – his second consecutive top 10 charting single. The single would later receive a remix by 3x Grammy nominated producer Morgan Page.

PLS&TY has been a model of consistency with his work since bursting onto the scene just a few short years ago. His latest single “Rebel Love” is yet another impressive milestone marker of his already prolific career. “Rebel Love” dropped everywhere December 7.

Having already worked with some of the industry’s best and brightest talents, the young product of Palm Beach, Florida and current Los Angeles resident is on the right track to becoming a serious influencer in the future bass community. In just the span of one year, PLS&TY amassed an unheard of 13 Hype Machine #1’s and millions of plays across streaming platforms. “Rebel Love” joins an already long list of singles and remixes from PLS&TY that will no doubt become yet another hit in his young career.

The Hype Magazine got PLS&TY to weigh in on a few things covering his new release and passions outside of music as well as one of his wildest performance moments!

From the outside looking in, who is the creator PLS&TY?

I am a music producer and DJ fortunate enough to have discovered the world of electronic dance music and the artists that keep it alive, involving myself in a community of hard-working individuals traveling the world to perform for crowds chanting their names. I have received support from industry greats, signed major record label deals before even reaching my 21st birthday, and toured places some can only fantasize about. My music has amassed tens of millions of plays, garnered significant following across various media platforms, made its way into television commercials, and granted me opportunities for working alongside top studio engineers and producers. Such opportunities have only enhanced my capability of collaborating with and accepting all individuals, provided me with a foundation to establish lifelong relationships, and granted me access to see the awe-inspiring marvels that our world contains because of simple yet paramount items in my life: a DJ mixer and laptop computer.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

My passion for electronic dance music grew throughout high school. At the time, I was incredibly passionate about filmmaking, as well, and I was eager to combine these interests. I picked up jobs at local venues, photographing and filming electronic acts that would pass through on tour. Filming these acts and working with notable dance music artists was a great introduction to the world of live performance and everything that it entails. Nonetheless, my transition into music production seemed to flow seamlessly as my obsession with this style of music continuously grew. Eventually, I had to try a hand at music production myself.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I wish not to confine any listener’s perception or understanding of any specific idea. I think part of the beauty of music is that it makes each listener feel, react, & perceive differently.

Tell us about your current project.

A quick update on the PLS&TY project would be that I’ve recently released two consecutive top 10 charting singles on iTunes (“Good Vibes” with Universal & most recently “Down For Me” on PRMD), just released the Grammy Nominated Morgan Page Remix of my single “Down For Me”, followed by my new single “Rebel Love” which is out now!

What’s the most fun about rocking a live crowd for you?

Establishing a connection with each crowd and observing their positive reactions is always sensational.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

I love filmmaking & photography, streetwear & fashion, & to be anywhere with a beach.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

I’ve already seen a gamut of “WTF moments” in my young career of touring. However, one moment that comes to mind is when a girl climbed over the barrier dividing the stage from the crowd at a show in LA. She ran into the booth, and when security tried to pick her up to remove her, she latched onto the CDJs, nearly pulling them off the table. She seemed to reach for the closest sturdy object that she could find to hinder their manpower, which happened to be all of the gear on the table. Security practically needed to karate chop her hand to break the grasp from her hands and the equipment. Very close call.

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“PLS&TY is repped by ROAR and Madison House”

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