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Published on March 4th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Lua Sonique Explore Metamorphosis and Catharsis with Electronic Dream ‘Crossfire’

Stepping out with their first release of 2019, London trio LUA SONIQUE unveil new single “Crossfire”. Following the shapeshifting cut, ‘Leave’, ‘Crossfire’ sees LUA SONIQUE further develop their distinctive blend of foreboding beats and emotive vocals to create a compelling offering.

The second single from the adventurous London outfit is an electronic dream that, whilst full of punch, succeeds in denying over-production and artificiality. The soulful and evocative vocals ground the track whilst the instrumentation tactfully resists cheesy drops. Instead, ‘Crossfire’ twists and turns with different textures to build climax and catharsis throughout.

Here’s what the group have to say about the song: “we wanted Crossfire to be atmospheric and big sounding, whilst maintaining the club inspired elements. Lyrically it aims to evoke what’s it’s like to be caught in the middle”.

Visually, the band build from the same aesthetic palette that informed their debut video for previous single ‘Leave’: “the video was created by visual artist Obbz and forms part 2 of a 3-part collaboration with him. It’s about metamorphosis – being stuck between the old you and the new you that you are striving to be. Breaking free, changing and evolving!”

Stream “Crossfire” below.

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