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Published on April 14th, 2019 | by Landon Buford


The Dallas Wings & Texas Capital Bank Revitalize Local Community Center

On April 13th, 2019, The Dallas Wings and Texas Capital Bank tipoff their partnership by revitalizing Sarah Wilke Youth Center located in West Dallas. The county center is an extension  Wesley-Rankin Community Center, and it provides education and resource to help push the community forward.

“Wesley Rankin Community Center is nestled in the West Dallas Community, and we are primarily composed of working parents, who are working three jobs and also raise a family. To provide food and pay rent and also raising a family can be challenging. So, that is the work of Wesley- Rankin Community Center sitting on the same corner for 80 plus years. We have not only gained trust, but they also know we are 100 percent safe for kids. Quite frankly right before this event another picnic was canceled, and kids were dropped off when the doors were locked, and they came to Wesley-Rankin and knew ours were opened,” said Executive Director of  Wesley-Rankin Community Center Shellie Ross.

She would continue:

“So literally being a safe presence brings tremendous value and we use that time to invest into education of kids. So, again working parents need assistance with homework and making sure their kids are feed. Thus, when they get off work at six o’clock, they can spend quality time with their kids. That is some of the work that we do here.  We are in partnership with the June Shelton school and Wesley- Rankin provides tutoring option for kids with learning differences. We are the only satellite for the scholarship program they are keeping an eye on our polite so it can be duplicated in other locations.”

“Having a partnership with Texas Capital and now the Dallas wings we now have more resources and access to books. We also have optional tutors now and even a play area when they are taken brain breaks. Being non-profit we don’t always have access to the resource, but partnering with Texas Capital Bank and Wings. We are not only gaining mentors were able to strengthen our quality of education.”

“ I think any time you can positively influence a community and help the kids that live in that particular place understand that the world is bigger than just that place. It is a good thing and partnering with Texas capital bank and Miss D, who is donated over 70,000 to the Dallas Fort Worth children over the year enables us to do that. It is literally one child and one book at a time said,” Dallas Wings CEO Greg Bibb.

Courtesy of Texas Capital Bank

Texas Capital Bank, which has been in business for 20 years now. The company was established in 1998, which was created by their seven founders, and according to their mission statement, the bank is committed to “powering prosperity for our clients, communities and team members.” Their CEO Keith Cargill would echo that when asked about partnering with the Dallas Wings and helping to provided resources to children in the community in need.

“Our purpose at Texas Capital Bank is to powering prosperity in business and in life. So, engagement in the community is just part of our DNA. It is just who we are it is good for the community that we have these relationships we build to help young kids and many of the single parents. That work so hard to take care of their kids to give them the opportunity and it is just a privilege for us because it helps build a stronger company. When go and engage in the community like Wesley-Rankin, by the way, they are the heroes because they have been serving this community for over 80 years,” said Cargill.

“While we only been around as a company for 20. So, we are privileged to help with something they have been doing for decades, and it really is the people that show every day to the work with the kids along with our volunteers. The ones that show up every day to work with these kids they are the true heroes.”

The Dallas Wings have been a member of the Dallas community since 2016. Since relocating from Tulsa Oklahoma, they have made the playoffs each other last two seasons in Dallas. As they enter their third season, the Wings are looking to do the same, but their focus right now is making sure the kid in their community are taken care because it is more significant than basketball. Wings President and CEO Greg Bibb reiterated that to me when we spoke at the revitalization event on Saturday.

“ The Dallas Wings are a double bottom line business. We do well by doing good and what I mean by that we are bigger than basketball. Just as important as winning games is helping our community grow and prosper, and that is why we partnered with Texas capital bank. Their mission and their community engagement are aligned with ours. So, it would become a true relationship both on the business side also more importantly on the community side. As we all want to do the same things together, which is making the community that we live, work a better place,” said Bibbs.

Shellie Ross shared with me that she would love to see the kid get the opportunity to attend some of the Wings game this season.

“I would love to know that our kids can attend games. I am also loving that the Dallas Wings is a female basketball team and love bending gender roles in this community. Letting girls know that they can do things because they are just as strong as guys. So, even some of that is going on today girls are being seen in different roles, and that allows them to stretch their dreams and aspirations. If we could actually see them play it would be amazing,” said Shellie Ross.

“The Dallas Wings will have kids from Sarah Wilke Youth Center attend games this season, we are just trying to iron out specific dates,” says said, Bibbs.

The Dallas Wings are preparing to media day in the next couple weeks and then preseason will start on May 13th against the Atlanta Dream and then the regular season will start in Dallas on May 24th.

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