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Published on May 27th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


C.S. Armstrong Drops Debut LP ‘Truth Be Told’

Houston-born artist C.S. Armstrong is no stranger to traveling the world. The eight-year army veteran landed in NYC and began working and touring with the likes Action Bronson, P. Diddy and Estelle. Relocating to Los Angeles after spending several years on the East Coast, Armstrong looked to pursue a new direction. The decision to move solidified itself almost immediately when Armstrong began working with Dr. Dre, Terrace Martin and Sa-Ra’s Taz Arnold upon his arrival. His next musical chapter had begun.

His debut album, Truth Be Told, is a glimpse into Chauncy’s ability to culminate all of his life experiences, producing an authentic and passionate body of work. C.S. Armstrong is truly a testament to his craft refusing to allow genre barriers to control his creative musical expression.

The album itself protects his genre-bending reputation while diving deeper into his roots. Armstrong shares his story with the world by peeling back his layers, serving an indelible foundation that will be remembered forever.

Armstrong on his debut:

“I’ve been recording for the past 6 years, from studio to studio really refining my process till I realized there is no process to creativity. For me, that became limiting. started to learn how to be free again and find more of a balance than a process…”

In support of Truth Be Told, C.S. Armstrong will be hosting an intimate Live Show on June 15 in Los Angeles, California.

Stream ‘Truth Be Told’ now.

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