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Published on May 10th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Legends of the Yams Putting the Carolina’s on the Map

The “Legend of the YAMS” short film is based around Carolina innovators shinning a light on their city. Throughout this short film you will see and hear music being played from Carolina artists and is their way of exposing their culture in different places. In this film the “Cash Money” visual for Big Jelly which was produced by Pierre Bourne, was shot during their stay in Miami during spring break.

The visual introduces the lifestyle of the creators.  The short film was curated by 6onzer Films and directed by YoungRichRambo, with appearances from Savani Productions, one of the biggest videographers in the Southeast region. His catalog amounts to over 20 million plays on YouTube. Also, with appearances from celebrity Dj Eldoggin who is official DJ for Deezy Mcduffie and Renni Rucci.

YoungRichRambo whom is the director of the short film and the creative behind the YRR Digital Marketing Platform. He has spent the last two years on the road branding his platform through using unique marketing formula for his clients. He Started with “You Know How I’m Koming” marketing tour, followed with a short film documenting the journey.

The tour gained shocking attention in his region. Being able to promote while simultaneously pursuing a psychology degree at the University of South Carolina was a viable tool for the development of his unique marketing structure by taking advantage of his college tenure. His branding became a big part of his company with the usage of different marketing schemes which included logos and cartoons that help display hisclient’s image and lifestyle in a way that would gain consumer interest rapidly.

One of his biggest influences was Zacktv. He was the first person to reach out to help and curare a vision for the brand. He liked the short film and he debuted it on his YouTube channel. What grabbed Zacktv’s attention was Dirtyglovebastard previously posting Rambo getting shot at with paintball guns at the legendary Nipsey Hussle’s “The Marathon” clothing store while on tour. That video was a breakthrough for the YRR brand and put everyone on notice.


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