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Published on June 4th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


IMPRINT Review | Lil Pump & Lil Skies Harvard Dropout Tour in Philadelphia at The Met

It’s a Tuesday evening I just arrived to Philadelphia’s newest venue “The Met” where Lil Pump is bringing his Harvard Dropout tour. Along side pump he also brought Lil Skies, Desto Dubb, and Jack Bruno.

Jack Bruno was the first artist to perform that night. He walks out with a few ballet dancers who are along both sides of the artist. Jack Bruno is a Los Angeles based and has his own emo-punk style he brings to hip-hop. He definitely did his job right he was there to hype the crowd and after 3 songs he jumped into the crowd and opened up the mosh pit and got all the kids raging.

Next up, was Desto Dubb the second act of the night. He comes out wearing a bullet proof vest that reads “Not for Sale” and supporting his brand “that’s a awful lot of cough syrup”. Much of the crowd didn’t seem to know many of his songs but everyone was well Impressed when he ran side to side stages dumping water on his Rollie watch proving that it was real.

Next off is Lil skies coming from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania the crowd is going insane when his Dj “Rello” hits the stage and starts hyping the crowd by playing some top tracks of today. The lights go off and phone lights come up Lil Skies enters the stage performing “Bad Girls” the whole crowd explodes with excitement. After the first song skies cuts the music and tells everyone who is sitting in a seat that they didn’t pay to sit and they need to stand up.

Skies follows up saying he has a few fractured ribs from a few nights before and he was giving it all he had and he needed the crowd to go harder. Skies continues to play a lot of his very popular songs including “I”, “I like girls who like girls”, and “red roses”.  Skies ends the show on a good note with the crowd in awe.

And finally after everyone rehydrated and had a good long intermission the lights went out and Lil Pump took the stage. The bass is going so strong And the crowd jumping at the same pace I thought the venue was going to crumble into pieces. Pump is continuously screaming his catch phrase “ESKETIT” as the crowd shouts it right back. He had girls dancing on shoulders, mosh pits all around, he also brought a fan from the front row to do a 3 question trivia game about his life on stage.

The kid answered the last question wrong and was put in a clear box and was then drench with purple slime poured out of a giant styrofoam cup. Pump had some of the best energy and enthusiasm I’ve seen in an artist in a while. Caught him backstage and he was genuinely a kind hearted guy.

I recommend anyone considering catching Lil skies or Lil pump on tour in their hometown you will not be disappointed.

Written By | Joseph Higgins

Photo Credit: IMPRINT | Joseph Higgins

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