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Published on June 4th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


IMPRINT Review | Com Truise at Gothic Theatre in Denver

Seth Haley, more well known through one of his many aliases, Com Truise, has posed a question throughout his music career: “With machines and machines only…” how much emotion or interest can you gather? Roughly nine years ago, the spaceman know as Com Truise was introduced to the world with the Cyanide Sisters EP and now the latest installment Iteration (followed immediately by In Decay) brings forth the rest of the story. Iteration, with multiple listens becomes a sort of journey, in which you get more and more of the spaceman’s story as you listen. The main ideas that Com Truise tries to convey in his music are mixes of anxiety, fear, oppressiveness, and triumph. In Iteration, it tells the final moments of Com and his alien lovers’ last moments on Wave 1, a dangerous planet that they must escape from, bringing the story to a close.

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The two openers, Ginla and Jack Grace each had their own amazing show put on themselves, showing appreciation for Haley and their time in the tour. Ginla, opening respectively, had a very ambient, yet emotional feel to the music and was a great choice to open up the night. They were able to draw in the crowd from beginning and get the energy started, while after their set Jack Grace came in stage and continued to cultivate said energy.

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Jack Graces performance was also an invigorating and interesting show, with lights that only accentuated parts of his body, and sounds that made you wonder what was coming next.

During Haley’s performance however, each emotion crafted carefully through years and years of experience was demonstrated powerfully through each sound, and showed beautifully in set. The TRON like aspect of his act, carefully shown through crafty visuals, and old school style music, lets the viewer revel in the experience, and enjoy more to come. When looking at the crowd, you’re able to see how much the sounds, both new and old from Com Truise can make people enjoy the music. Whether someone is in the back watching and slowly nodding their head to the music, or the avid fans are up front head-banging and dancing, everyone can enjoy the music being pushed out.

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Before the show had officially started, Com greeted the crowd with a welcoming “Hey Colorado!!” mentioning that he was glad to be back after about a year gone. Starting off with his signature sounds, he immediately pulled the crowd in getting the mood started for the night, and with his amazing visuals playing in the back, allowing the concert-goers to just watch and be amazed. Some notable tracks played throughout the night that most fans remember were “VHS SEX” “Slow Peel” and some other songs off of his newer works that were mixed in. An amazing show through and through, the nostalgia, and enjoyment was delivered perfectly through the timeless music.

Written By | Ashton Brown

Photo Credit: IMPRINT | Ashton Brown

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