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The Power of DJ K Yung: Self Made! Self Paid!

When it comes to the Power of a Female we know that the sky is truly the limit. With the recent induction of Missy Elliott into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, we are seeing females dominate the industry all across the board.

When it comes to the World of DJs, there are many Great names that we can call but very few are females. That changes today! Allow me to introduce you to DJ K Yung!

Born in the capital of Seoul, South Korea, DJ K Yung has a story unlike most. Abandoned after birth and left on the doorstep of a police station, DJ K Yung was not expected to become anything but a number in their system. After months in an orphanage, she was adopted and brought to Minneapolis Minnesota. Growing up in the Midwest, DJ K Yung was surrounded by her new family’s musical influence at a very young age. During her high school years, a friend introduced her to DJing but the story didn’t take off from there. After nothing came of it, it was during the summer of 2007 that she was asked to pick up DJing for a friend at her sisters’ graduation party. It was at this moment that K Yung knew DJing was what she was meant to do.

In a field that is dominated by men, K Yung knew climbing the ropes wouldn’t be an easy task. Furthermore, being a female of Asian descent was sure to come with its challenges as well. However, she was determined to make her mark on the industry and a name for herself in the world.

As a trained hip hop/rap DJ, DJ K Yung has opened her music catalog as the next open format DJ including Latin. Yep! She’s bout that whole Life. K Yung was nominated for the Salute the DJs award in 2013 for The Hottest Female DJ, as well as Female DJ of the Year with the Fleet DJs and was DJ Clue’s – DJ of the Week in January of 2013. Talk about making waves, she did that!

In August of 2015 she became a member of the Violator All Star DJs and then in March of 2016 became a member of Da Union DJs. She signed a management deal with Executive A&R Dre’ The U.R.L. and the I Swim with Sharks management team in December of 2016. Currently, K Yung guest spots as an on-air mixer at various radio stations such as SiriusXM Shade 45 VIP Saturday’s, SiriusXM FLY, The Drive on Shade 45, and Dash Radio with Violator Radio UnKut.

Taking it beynd the turn table, K Yung is also the founder and CEO of Flood 93 Media Group which in October 2016, she opened and launched Flood 93 Radio with 4 of her business partners and later this year will be opening up Flood 93 Latino. If that wasn’t enough to round things out, in December of 2016 she was officially sponsored by Luc Belaire Champagne as an official Black Bottle Girl. She gained notoriety in film in 2016 and 2017 as part of the last Ringling Bro’s “Out of this World” as the pre-show host filming and recording voice overs of the production and recently finished a one month tour with Feld Entertainment in Australia this past October. She made her national TV debut with NBC Sports May 11th as the pit reporter for Monster Jam filling in for their reporter.

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4 Minutes with DJ K Yung:

How did you get started as a DJ?

I started getting into dj’ing in high school. A friend introduced it to me. We messed around with it, but nothing came of it and he moved suddenly. I picked it up years later for my friend Tricia, her sister was graduating and they needed a DJ on some really short notice. I was already involved with music by then as an artist manager, but under that short notice I couldn’t find one so I suggested I could do it. It had been so long we rented equipment. It was pretty bad lol but after that day, I realized I really wanted to pursue it more. I invested $5,000 into new turntables, a mixer, speakers, mics and a sound board so I could be mobile as well. A local celebrity dj named DJ Scratch Master Dee saw me at a show I was djing (I was awful by the way, lol) and was thoroughly impressed by my motivation and offered to be my mentor. It lead him to teaching me turntablism and then lead to me meeting another mentor DJ Dolla who taught me how to mix.

What/Who were some of your influences coming into the game?

DJ Scratch Master Dee and DJ Dolla, but I really like DJ QBert although I dont consider myself a scratch DJ. The first female DJ I ever saw as DJ K-Sly out of Los Angeles. She is also Korean so I always watched her. DJ Dimepiece was another and Coco Chanel. There are so many amazing DJs out now that inspire me from skills to work ethic.

How have you kept your momentum going?

Plain and simple, I stopped making stupid decisions, pray a lot on anything I do and rely on my “women’s intuition” that sixth sense. That all allows me to keep focused, driven, and to be consistent. Have that momentum. I dont have a 9-5 job. I am a DJ and in the entertainment business as my full time job. I have no vacation time, paid time off, or the perks of working in the job force. I have to make it, I have to work, I have to go seek work and find jobs if they arent coming to me. It’s my life.

What can your base expect to see as we end 19 and head into 2020?

My name and face more on a mainstream level as well as more consistentcy. I want to be in conversations as an elite DJ by the end of 2019. And heading into 2020 be sitting at the table as an all around entertainer and music curator. And, if that’s not enough. I hope to position myself as a creative director of a lifestyle that people want to follow, be apart of and spread the word about.

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