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Published on July 29th, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


WongTune$ releases new EP “Flowers, Just Because”

Kayden Wong, stage name WongTune$ is a Laurelton Queens native creating in the Hip Hop genre of music. As a multi-faceted contributor WongTune$ is CEO of Extra Measure Entities, LLC as well as engineer and producer. A veteran of almost a decade having released his debut effort in 2011.  His recent release Flowers, Just Because is currently available via all digital platforms and is a great addition to a discography that includes collaborations with the likes of Anthony Flammia, Wordsmiff.  On the performance side of things WongTune$ has been super active throughout his tenure showcasing his talent on the Dean’s List Tour stage as well as prisons, churches, Hofstra Music Fest and opening up for Joey Bada$$.  WongTune$ has performed globally, which he considers one of his greatest accomplishments.

“My Ultimate goal as a creative in this industry is to make, or at least be a part of, the greatest music ever while being able to provide for my family and invest back into my community.” 

What started as beat making on MTV Music Generator and eventually FL Studio turned to a laptop and audio interface. Slowly WongTune$ turned his room in his parents’ home to a full fledge recording studio. Recording turned into trying his hand at written rhymes, for fun at the time.  Before long suggestions about his talent and potential ran rampant and WongTune$ began to believe he could go further.  His inception into the collective known as Regime Music Group would lead to his touring Australia.

“My intent early on was to put music out in hopes that people would ask where I got the beats from, and I’d be able to get business that way. Before I knew it, I was writing and performing more and just fell in love.”

By college he would network and join forces with other creative and his performance resume continued to grow.

“My work in studios both recording and podcasts has allowed me to rub shoulders with a lot of artists and industry figures. To this day I continue to run the studio, help artists create the best music all the while pushing my career forward.


Listen to his latest EP Flowers, Just Because


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