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Published on August 29th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Mars reclaims West Coast Horrorcore throne!

Legendary Bay Area rapper Mars is set to release his latest single “Medication” August 30th with industry giant EMPIRE and has already got the attention of the horrorcore world he helped shape in his 20 year career.

Horrorcore arguably was created in the 90’s with pioneers Esham, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Ganxsta NIP and thrust into the mainstream with the short lived major label hype with The Flatlinerz and Gravediggaz who helped coin the term for the genre in the media. But it was with Insane Clown Posse when they took the idea of macabre themes and turned it into a subculture who spawned a massive fan base worldwide who refer to themselves as juggalos. Through controversy and catchy offensive music, Mars was always at the forefront of this movement.  He often found himself on mainstream TV outlets in support and defense of the negative hype the community has created for themselves.

With topics ranging from murder, suicide, the occult and even rape the attention would cancel most hip-hop artists in the current era of the #metoo movement, but for Mars this is what draws people to him. “I think with our community we are trying to escape the darkness that comes with every day life. To find humor or entertainment from something that usually bums people out and make it something fun, its different enough where people consider it something of their own. You don’t find this in mainstream media. You have to go looking for it. It’s special to people because they found it on their own and was not force fed to them.” says Mars who caught up with us in Los Angeles. “I’ve released a lot this year. One thing I’ve learned is that people want that dark shit.”

From first glance at the 39 year old Pittsburg, CA native you couldn’t imagine him being anything but dark. He’s covered in tattoos, with long braids reaching past his shoulders and wearing a hannibal lecter mask. His dark image goes hand in hand with his content but you would be surprised to learn that for the past few years Mars often dedicates time to helping the East Contra Costa County homeless community personally passing out clothes, hygiene productds, and ready to eat food from some of the most notable chains in the Bay Area. “A lot of people walk past homeless people and look at them as if they were less than human. Some people are just stuck. Some people suffer from mental health problems and have a hard time getting the help they need or don’t have the resources. You’ll see a homeless man or woman and think drug problem. I see a mental health issue.” says Mars “We all suffer from a lot of the same issues but are fortunate enough that we have a support system in place. Some people don’t.”

“Medication” which drops tomorrow on all digital outlets in partnership with his label Mad Insanity Records touches on the subject of mental health while giving it a fun, dark, and almost hypnotic twist with production from West Side Rell created to match the sound that the Bay Area and the west coast in general was built on. If you have a fascination with serial killers or a curiosity of what lurks in the shadows of horrorcore music, this is the song to hear first.

For more information follow Mars on Instagram @mars

Listen to Mars “Medication” on Apple Music here.

Listen to Mars “Medication” on Spotify here.

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