Shawn Jackson is an extremely conscientious and persistent man. His ..." /> Overcoming Homelessness & Wrongful Incarceration to Become a Generational Role Model - Shawn "The Refresher" Jackson - The Hype Magazine


Published on August 22nd, 2023 | by Charles Myambo


Overcoming Homelessness & Wrongful Incarceration to Become a Generational Role Model – Shawn “The Refresher” Jackson

Shawn Jackson is an extremely conscientious and persistent man. His life story is certainly one for the big screens. The adversity he had to overcome throughout his life is quite monumental! Shawn lost both parents at a very tender age and spent the vast majority of his early life being poverty stricken and surrounded by various obstacles. At some point, he was even incarcerated unjustly. Everything was seemingly stacked against him! Despite all these challenges, Shawn fought fiercely and managed to exceed the expectations most onlookers and fellow peers had for his life. Today, Shawn is an extremely influential and impactful keynote speaker, life coach, athlete, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had a chat with Shawn Jackson (SJ). Below are some excerpts from the interview. 


Keynote Speaker – Shawn “The Refresher” Jackson


CM: You’ve overcome so much adversity to become the successful public figure you are today. What was that journey like?  

SJ: The Journey was not easy. My life was formed through tragedy from losing my mother and father at a young age. Getting left in the state of Maine with no family, no money, no car, nothing at all could you imagine? Being able to overcome being falsely accused and being placed in jail for the first time in my life, Leaving jail and going to a homeless shelter and being there for 5 months back in 2017 now being homeless for the first time was a lot of adversity but that’s when I started to write my first book.  


CM: Who or what has been the biggest driving force behind your success? 

SJ: My children are my driving force Elijah and Jaelynn. As parents it’s on us to be the example for our children. We have to pave the way and show our children we can do whatever you want to do in life if you put your mind to it. “ do what others won’t to have the results others don’t” one of my favorite quotes I preach to my kids all the time. “If we want to change the new generation we gotta change ourselves”


CM: When did you make the decision to become a keynote speaker and lifestyle coach? 

SJ: When I was homeless seeing others around me having no hope just giving up in life, When I was homeless I never defined myself as a homeless person and I wanted to others around me to feel that so I gave the clothes off my back and the shoes off my feet to those who didn’t have anything nice, Even though I was homeless I had Ralph Lauren, Nike, Jordan’s and I gave everything away just to fill others cups. I had one guy tell me I just Refreshed him because he lost his wife, his family, his house, and me giving him a Jordan hat made his day and made mine as well. Then after that I just wanted to speak more and help others as much as I can to spread my message as much as I can.   


CM: Looking back on your life, what are some of the things that you have been the first to achieve within your community?

SJ: Becoming the first published author in my family is something I have done differently. “ The Life of a Gypsy Champion: The Shawn Jackson Story” my first book about my life available on amazon which is a blessing and I never thought I could publish a book and have it on amazon.


CM: You have the last word. What exciting projects can we expect from you for the remainder of 2023? 

SJ: New professional I’m training for my first professional boxing match, Working on book number 2, and launching a new show dedicated to mental health and self love.


Life Coach – Shawn “The Refresher” Jackson





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