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Published on September 30th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Midoca Releases Emotional Ballad ‘Dry The Rose’ via mau5trap

Transcending the boundaries of genre, Midoca combines sonic electronic elements with avant-garde production techniques to create a style that is uniquely his own. His “Dry The Rose” comes as part one to Midoca’s story, chronicling the means of a powerful journey ending in acceptance and new, hopeful beginnings. Thoughtful and poignant, Midoca’s entrancing vocals craft soul-stirring melodies atop stunning synths. Melancholic to its core, the LA-based producer creates a mellifluous testament to shedding stale skin. “Dry The Rose” is an urgent plea for important change, and an everlasting reminder that even in moments of pain, we can emerge stronger and more in-tune than before.

“’Dry The Rose’ is about the immortalization and acceptance of a passing relationship. To ‘clip off the thorns and dry the rose,’ is to release the pain of what once was but preserve what was learned and experienced. The love is no longer alive but I can hold a memento and memory of it with admiration.”Midoca

Listen to “Dry The Rose” below.

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