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ALEXIS STANLEY: From RN On Welfare To 100k In One Year

(Chicago, IL) – Chicago based hair-care brand Uniqurl is a beauty company that is ready to unclutter and simplify all hair routines. Rather one is dealing with low to high porosity hair, dry scalp and all issues in between; Uniqurl is here to give you clean and natural hair products that will leave your hair moisturized, defined and satisfied with ingredients that have the power to maintain one’s crown.

Uniqurl has taking the hair-care industry by storm since officially launching in 2018. What started of as just sharing hair-care tips on social media to inform the natural hair community on how to take care of their tresses turned quickly into a 6-figure business through Uniqurl’s first year as a hair-care beauty brand.

Although CEO Alexis successfully survived her first year of business; the road to success was paved through life obstacles. Stanley became a single parent in 2010; ultimately having to put herself on welfare to care for her son. Although the struggle was weighing this future CEO down; Stanley persevered and obtain her Bachelors in Nursing in 2012. As a nurse Stanley did not feel fulfilled and decided to gain her love for hair and beauty; and the rest is history.

CEO Alexis Stanely empathizes with those that are struggling with hair growth and maintenance. Also, Alexis understands the emotions behind the hair care journey.

Embracing her own hair journey; CEO Alexis Stanley found herself wanting to help those that are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair as well as those that have taken the big chop and/or have been natural and have found themselves at a crossroads through their own hair journeys.

“Uniqurl offers simple solutions to the naturals that think their hair care has to be complicated. We challenge the status quo by offering products that do their job with simplicity. For example, our biggest selling product, the 4-in-1 Leave-in is packed with ingredients like Aloe that nourish/condition the hair, but also includes ingredients like Flax Seed Gel that can help style, Marshmallow Root to detangle, ingredients like Vegetable Glycerin that draws in moisture for days after use, and oils like Almond and Babassu to help seal in that moisture.” stated Alexis.

Experiencing her own mishap of dealing with heat damaged hair after a colored and silk press hair appointment back in 2016; Alexis discovered that her hair growth was flourishing with the help of her own products; made simple and with care for her tresses. Alexis discovery with her homemade ingredients initiated her passions for hair and beauty; hence the beginning of Uniqurl.

“Uniqurl was birthed out of selfless love and desire to genuinely help others.” explains Alexis.

Catered to all hair types; Alexis qualifications for haircare catering to her 4c clientele sets her on her own level. Alexis makes sure that each curl and coil are taking care of; rather if one is in need of heavy creams or light oils; Uniqurl is the one-stop shop for simple solutions with huge impact for your hair-care routines.

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