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Published on November 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


New Orleans Rapper Dee-1 Is Set To Interview Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards In Historic Pre-Election One-On-One

New Orleans rapper Dee-1 has announced that he will be talking to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards in a historic pre-election one-on-one interview. This interview will be a first in Louisiana history for a hip hop artist to publicly interview the state’s governor. The one-on-one will be held in the coming weeks with the date and time to be announced.

Dee-1 says, “I realize that this interview will make history by my being the very first Louisiana hip hop artist to sit down one on one with our state’s governor to publicly discuss his stances on important political issues, including healthcare, education, and criminal justice reform. It’s important that we have representation inside of politics so that our perspectives and life experiences are accounted for when politicians make decisions about our future.”

Over the last several years, influencers within the hip hop world have become increasingly more vocal about the power of the political process. Dee-1 joins the likes of artists such as Killer Mike, Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Beyonce, Diddy and others who have publicly become politically engaged. The presence of hip hop in the political process has opened the eyes of many within urban communities across the nation who may not have otherwise been aware of the importance of these elections and how directly they impact their communities.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will face Republican opponent Eddie Rispone in the runoff election on November 16th. Edwards, a moderate Democrat, was first elected in 2015 and was facing a challenge from two Republicans, Rispone and Representative Ralph Abraham, who represents Louisiana’s fifth congressional district. Louisiana is one of three states with a gubernatorial election this fall, the other two of which are Kentucky and Mississippi.

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