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Published on November 20th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


‘The Quiet One’ Is Finally Here, Check Out The Brand New EP From Nikmoody

Too often feeling overwhelmed and distracted by the world around, to the point where it made him become stagnant and let anxiety overwhelm, Nikmoody felt it was necessary to put an end to bottled up emotions by speaking out in his latest EP ‘The Quiet One’. Relating to others on several topics such as letting social media become reality, letting bank account receipts depress, and letting exes of the past get in his head; this EP is the culmination of all these feelings while trying to fight the battles that are ongoing in his head and moving forward. It was Nikmoody’s chance to stop biting his tongue and confront these demons the only way he knows how, by executing some of the most forceful yet meaningful lyrics rapping. This collection are the affirmations he made to “keep keeping” and to “find a dream and let it kill you”. Listen to the brand new music from Nikmoody and feel what the artist went through in these trying times, reflecting through his passionately made powerful EP ‘The Quiet One’.


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