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Interview with Cez Champagne, Owner of NuMentality Fitness

Cez Champagne has been labeled as one of the top female coaches in the state of South Carolina. She is the owner of NuMentality Fitness and Training and is also a radio personality of Sports, Life, & Laughter on Heaven 1390 AM/100.1 FM. She has always known that her calling was to work with children, and this is why she established her business.

Jae Monique: How does it feel to be one of the top female coaches in the state of South Carolina?

Cez Champagne: To be honest, I am very appreciative of the fact that my colleagues and other coaches in South Carolina respect my craft because it was not easy coming up in the ranks. There were many “I want to quit” nights and I began to question whether I was truly equipped to do this job. I realized that coaching was work and if I wanted to be successful in this field, I had to invest the time into my kids. To have the opportunity to coach a boys Varsity Basketball team for three years is a blessing. Was I fearful at the beginning? Yes…but my players ensured me that they trusted my system. The first year was very unsuccessful but to see the hunger in my kids during the off-season was very rewarding. It was very challenging my first year because I had to prove to myself and to my players that I had what it took to lead this team because we only won four games that year (4-13 to be exact). I then questioned myself if I had what it took to lead this team.

The biggest reward I could appreciate came from investing my time into the Boys Varsity Basketball program at Baptist Hill High School. That was, being recognized by the South Carolina House of Representatives and awarded a Proclamation in 2017 for being the only female in the state of South Carolina to coach a Boys Varsity team and leading them to a Region title.

JM: How long have you been a coach?

Champagne: I spent 15 years as a basketball coach (12 years with girls, 3 years coaching boys) and I coached volleyball for seven years plus softball for one year.

JM: Tell us about your business, NuMentality Fitness and Training.

Champagne: NuMentality Fitness and Training LLC focuses on the sport-specific techniques of basketball and helping future student-athletes understand why they are doing certain drills and how it applies to game-time scenarios. My goal as a trainer/coach is to help kids play on a higher level and apply the game of basketball to real-life situations. Building the entire (spirit, mind, and body) athlete.

JM: What inspired you to start that business?

Champagne: As a player in high school, my coach did not push me to my highest potential as an athlete. As a freshman playing on the varsity team, my coach gave me the freedom to make my own decisions on the court just because I was “talented”, but I lacked the basic fundamental skills that would prepare me for college. It was not until I entered my first year at East Tennessee State University, my coaches gave me a reality check which humbled me very quickly because I lacked so much knowledge and I thought “my talent” would continue to allow me to coast through my years of playing on the collegiate level. That experience stuck with me and I promised myself, if I ever became a coach, I would not allow my players to make that same mistake.

The goal is to inspire young male and female basketball players to “Envision Their Destiny, Transform Their Body, and Renew Their Mind.” I always knew that my calling was to work with children, and this is why I established this business. I just want to see kids succeed and live out their dreams.

JM: Tell us about your radio show.

Champagne: Sports, Life, and Laughter highlight our local kids not only through sports but also through academics because education is key. Sports, Life, and Laughter also focus on making a connection with the community and providing valuable information to parents and high school student-athletes on the importance of what it takes to be successful in the classroom and on the playing field. A lot of the knowledge that I share is based on my experiences as a high-school athlete, a Division I college athlete, basketball coach, and educator. I have made many mistakes throughout those times but used them as a learning tool to help other kids avoid making those same mistakes. Providing parents that have kids with the potential to play on the collegiate level, the right information so they can do their research on the process of recruitment and the important factors that will benefit their child/children is what the show focuses on.

JM: What else can we expect from you in the near future?

Champagne: I plan to expand NuMentality Fitness and Training LLC by networking outside of South Carolina as well as work on some projects that will assist coaches the want to transition into becoming business owners. Making more connections with professional athletes as well as highlighting female professionals on all levels is my focus next year.

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