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Trae Tha Truth on His New Album ‘Exhale’ and New Signing with Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoops Army

Veteran Houston rapper and philanthropist, Trae Tha Truth, recently signed to Snoop Dogg’s, new multimillion live entertainment and management company, Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoops Army. He embarked on his first-ever national tour heading out with  Snoop Dogg on his “I Wanna Thank Me” tour beginning this December alongside Warren G to perform music from his new album “Exhale” as well as some of his classics.

“I Wanna Thank Me” Tour is a congratulatory act to thank fans and to credit oneself for hard work and achievements. There is no better tour for Trae Tha Truth to be a part of than this one for his philanthropic work, his growing music career, and recently released new album. (Tickets to tour

On his recent signing Trae says, “Snoop, Bobby Dee and Uncle Snoops Army came on as my talent agency and booking meaning different opportunities as far as certain looks, touring and so forth. They came in to enhance what I had going on which was just me by myself anyway.

Trae continues, “Snoop was watching me go through a lot of stuff at the time and he was like “Man, allow me the opportunity to try and help you, instead of watching you struggle.” At the end of the day, Snoop is family and I feel like anything he holla at me about I’m going to follow his lead and in this situation, I’m following his lead also and we kicked it off and we’re gonna hit the ground running and see what we can do.”

Speaking of the new album “Exhale”, we discussed the fact that it’s all Trae, no features and

Trae explained that, “I felt like just with everything I was going through in life, there are not many who can speak for me in my present situation so I felt like with me allowing these stories and the pictures to be painted about what’s going on at the present time, I had to do that. Plus, this is the first time I’ve put out a project with no features and my fans have been asking for that for a long time. I feel like we gave them what they needed. It’s dope, a lot of people who were familiar with me were excited and a lot of people who weren’t familiar with me became fans.”

The album is a poignant story laid out in a fashion that takes one on a vivid journey from the perspective of a humble legend letting it all hang out for a change. Trae held nothing back on this one…

Exhale seems to be a true to life story. I listened to the album and got some education on Trae Tha Truth. What does it mean to you that all of your classics still resonate today and then to come with something new and knock the youngsters out of the box?

Trae tells us, “It’s not even about knocking anybody out of the box, it’s just that I’m blessed to be able to be me. I don’t do it for the competition, I do it just to do it. I love doing it. The fact is that staying relevant this long and staying creative and not recycling stuff, that’s always important. The fact that I’ve been able to do that for so long and so much, you can go 20 years of going through my music and you won’t find any recycled raps at all, that’s practically impossible.”

That is indeed an incredible part of his musical legacy. Always original, always powerful always true to himself.

Beyond the music, Trae is labeled as Houston’s hero for providing help to those in need. Most recently, the hometown hero provided 150 bikes to kids for the upcoming holiday season through his non-profit organization, The Relief Gang. His company has supplied over $500,000 worth of supplies to Southeast Texas and is growing rapidly for those in need across the nation. He was awarded by Houston’s mayor, Bill White, with his own day, Trae Day, celebrated each year on July 22.

Trae is also celebrated with a mini-documentary that lauds the humble superstar for his dedication to giving back not just to his neighborhood but globally, having reached as far as Haiti with his foundation’s efforts.

There’s more to Trae Tha Truth than can be told in a black and white feature story, there are layers upon layers to this giant persona that need a book…or several actually. What he does in music and beyond is not for the glorification of himself, but the manifestation of true love for his craft and for humanity. We’re glad he has a day each year in his home town and perhaps with his growing national and global reach via his giving, we’ll celebrate him as an American hero on all fronts…

If you want to hear our full conversation with Trae Tha Truth in its unedited form, it is available here.

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