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Published on February 28th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


The Voice’s Katrina Cain Debuts Melancholy Single “Forgive Me in the Morning”

Indie-pop artist, Katrina Cain has released her new single “Forgive Me in the Morning,” an epic and heartbreaking soundscape of swelling synths and sweeping vocals. Cain’s honesty is palpable in the purity of her voice and entices listeners to hear her story.

The inspiration for this song derives from intense and complex emotions. “This song is about making up with your partner after a huge fight,” Cain explains. “It’s not about resolving the fight, but about the feeling that you’d rather say you’re sorry than fight more just to prove your point. You go to sleep angry and beg for forgiveness in the morning.” Cain finds a way to express the internal and external tension that comes with being in a relationship through her tone and lyrics. Listeners look skyward as the heavens feel like they are opening at the start of the track, but it’s not long before their attention focuses back inward in self-reflection and empathy. The producer of the song, Andrew McMillan, is also Cain’s spouse. A couple collaborating to capture their feelings about their relationship on one track explains the resulting honesty and intimacy of the song.

Even when singing her heart out about hard times and complex emotions, Katrina Cain somehow maintains a starry-eyed hopefulness that comes through in all of her songs. This is a song for people who want to be inspired. Download or stream “Forgive Me in The Morning” on digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with her by visiting KatrinaCain.com.


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