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Interview With Legend Kid Capri

Kid Capri is known for his longstanding role on Def Comedy Jam. Kid continues to sell out venues throughout the United States and is doing well in international markets as well.

The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Kid Capri in an interview where he discussed his success and what he has coming up.

Jae Monique: How did you get to be the success you are today?

Kid Capri: Flying straight, treating people fairly, doing what I’m supposed to do as far as my performance and talent is concerned. Most of all, I appreciate what God’s given me in treating people fairly and treating people the right way. Everybody’s not built for it, it’s not for everybody. Although everyone wants to be a part of it, it’s not for everybody. That’s why you see people getting in trouble and people doing things to people that they shouldn’t be doing.

JM: Tell us about the events you have coming up.

Kid: There’s the Rock Da Boat event going down on July 11th in New York on the HornBlower Infinity Mega Yacht. For all my shows I’m doing across the country, you can go to kidcapri101 on Twitter and Instagram and see the flyer and everything I post. The radio show on Sirius XM every Saturday and Sunday on channel 47 at 4:00 and 10:00 est. We have a real estate company called East Coast Capital, started a foundation called GIVAKID Foundation for the kids across the country. We’re doing a new comedy show and animation, doing a bunch of stuff.

JM: What was it like being on “Growing Up Hip Hop” with your daughter Vina Love?

Kid: It was dope. Growing up hip hop was a nice platform, but it didn’t really show what she does, it didn’t show how hard she worked. They tried to put her in certain kinds of things that I didn’t agree with. Other than that, it was a good platform for her. When we come back to do it again, if we come back to do it again, it will be a totally different scenario. We’re gonna showcase more of what she does, her talent, what she does in the studio, the real thing. Although people took to her good, they didn’t like that fact about her and Medina. Medina, that’s my sister. She’s a good person, but I think she got caught up in the camera a little bit. She didn’t really understand what it is to be in front of that camera in that way and how they can set things up and manipulate the way things are really said and make you think it’s one way when it’s another. Then, also when you get caught up in the camera and you say certain things, it may look like you trying to come at some people. That’s what ended up happening, but all in all the platform was good. It’s gonna be even better when we go on again… if we do it again.

JM: Do you think that by you guys being on a reality show together that it strengthened your bond or is it about the same?

Kid: Our bond has been strengthened since she was born. We have always been tight. What makes us so tight is that I don’t treat her like a little girl, I treat her like a woman even when she was a little girl. Of course, I directed her as a father and made sure she did the right thing, but I was a child too and I know how sometimes a child can have their way of feeling and the parent may not understand it. So, the best way to get to your kid is not so much come down on them, but understand where they coming from. Try to work it the way you can. I was able to do that with her and my other daughter. Because of my bloodline and how I carry myself, she sees how I carry myself. There’s nothing out there negative about me that you can say that gives away any credibility or anything like that. She sees how I move around, she sees how I do things with people, and how I take care of my fans.

JM: What do you think about the new culture of Hip Hop?

Kid: I like it. I like every culture of hip hop. There are some things I don’t agree with. I don’t like everything. I know good from the bad.


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