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Interview with Rising Artist Covert Joy

Emerging artist Covert Joy is giving it to his audience straight up with his debut single “Warning You.” It has been dubbed the modern-day bad boy anthem with a message that says: “If you want to be with me, you’ve got to understand you’re not the only one.” The release date of “Warning You” is March 27th.

Check out the interview with Covert Joy.

Jae Monique: When did you become a music artist?

Covert Joy: I started writing songs in middle school. They were, in a word, trash, but it put me on the songwriting path. Around the same time, I began voice lessons and continued through high school.

JM: What inspired you to have a career in the music industry?

Covert: When I first heard Pink Floyd in middle school, I knew I wanted to be a rock star and tour the world playing music. For as long as I can remember, I’ve known that music was my purpose.

JM: What artists are you the most influenced by?

Covert: Currently I’m listening to a lot of Kanye, Billie Eilish, and The Beatles among others. I like a wide range of artists, but the music and lyrics come first.

JM: Describe yourself in three words.

Covert: Weird, creative, curious.

JM: If you had the opportunity, which artists would you like to collaborate with?

Covert: Right now, I’d like to work with Paul McCartney, Kanye, and Finneas (the man behind Billie’s production).

JM: Tell us about your new music.

Covert: My new music is exploring the contemporary sound of trap pop. It’s that dope blend of a trap beat with pop’s melodies and mainstream appeal.

JM: Have you ever dreamt about being on stage in front of a massive audience?

Covert: For as long as I can remember. That excites me as much as creating the music itself.

JM: What projects do you have coming up?

Covert: I’m currently working on an EP. The first single, Warning You, drops March 27th. We have a few other singles in the works. It’s just a matter of time.

Covert Joy is a Boston, Massachusetts native who brings an exciting, fresh, perspective to the music scene. Being surrounded by music in the home during his early years, it’s no surprise that this would be the career path and calling Covert fell into. As a child, his parents always played the most popular songs from their era which eventually drew Covert Joy to fall in love with the harmonies. Once he started voice lessons in high school, it was clear that his passion and calling would be to pursue music full time. Perfecting his craft over time, the young artist’s music can best be described as pop music with a Venn diagram into other genres such as soul, rock, and funk with a modern flair and twist.

With a work ethic like no other and natural talent, Covert Joy will continue to carve a path in the music scene and touch many with his sound. Covert Joy is making his mark in this pop-millennial era of music with his current visual release for “Warning You.” Covert Joy is an artist on the rise.



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