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Published on April 3rd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Slim 400 – Brack’n Thru the Ghetto

Compton Rapper Slim 400 drops new single 4/3 Brack’n Thru the Ghetto

Brack’n Thru the Ghetto featuring Sada Baby Produced by Steelz

Compton Rapper Slim 400 drops his 2nd single Brack’n Thru the Ghetto from his new EP Shake Back.

“The ghetto go up, period! Every hood got the same @%it, hoodrats, %$itches, drugs, gang bangin, dice games, and even death, it’s universal,” says Slim 400. Brack’n Thru the Ghetto takes you through the journey of what you see when rollin through a typical hood regardless of the city. You’re going to see typical ghetto, hood, street $%it. “Niggas out there getting money, and selling drugs.” New to the scene, Detroit rapper, Sada Baby, hopped on this single because the Compton rapper feels like he’s an artist that’s “really Brackin right now” and thought he was perfect for this track. Slim continues to say ” I’m really from the streets and I’m still in these streets but I move differently now cause these streets are treacherous. I’m gonna speak it into existence that I will fulfill my life’s purpose in spite of everything”.

Listen to the single here!

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