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Interview with Da Grenchie

Da Grenchie is a hip-hop artist hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. His lyrics deeply resonate among his diverse audience. Currently, he is working on a compilation album “Gangland 2.”

Check out the interview with Da Grenchie.

Jae Monique: What motivated you to get into music?

Da Grenchie: The culture has been a part of my life. I had a cousin who was recording me and is also still doing music and production. I also like beats and sounds, and the way you can talk over a beat and people feel you.

JM: In what ways have you impacted your community?

Da Grenchie: I encourage the youth a lot to do them, but make smart choices. We all belong to families and they all love each of us. If we love each other, we have to build together or in our own lane. Learning economics and money before we risk our lives for it is the message.

JM: Tell us about your compilation album “Gangland 2.”

Da Grenchie: It will be produced by the greatest producers we work with as a whole. It’s mainly a lot of in-house work. There are no big features yet. We want the world to see us as who we are and Gangland is an Ohio thing.

JM: How did you come up with your name?

Da Grenchie: The streets gave me the name and I just ran with it as a rap name.

JM: How has your music career been impacted by the coronavirus? What steps have you been taking?

Da Grenchie: Honestly, I just been working in the studio on an EP and releasing singles for the fans. I’m a Muslim so I pretty much make wudu a couple of times a day. I really only go in public when I have to due to how I work. I’m always out, but around the same people.

JM: What’s the first thing you plan on doing once the coronavirus pandemic is over?

Da Grenchie: I really been living a normal life during corona. I’ll probably just fly home to Hawaii. I have some promo to do there.

JM: What can your audience expect from you in the near future?

Da Grenchie: The fans can expect some movie roles in the future. One of my roles is in “Common Creed.” I have a couple more offers. My manager is doing a great job keeping me busy. Also, the EP under “Protect Yo Neck” and more stuff from the gang. Know that it’s more than just music over here, we got a crazy surprise that’s going to hit the streets.

JM: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Da Grenchie: Five years from now, I plan on running my companies from the island. WhoovilleMoneyGang forever.

About Da Grenchie:
Da Grenchie, aka Reginald Blackshear, is a hip hop/rap artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. He developed a passion for music at a young age. He was always drawn toward self-expression and he found an emotional outlet through his lyrical compositions. Hailing from the ghetto, Da Grenchie wanted to become a voice for his community. He has now become a symbol of empowerment for his disenfranchised community. Da Grenchie has shared the stage with the likes of G Herbo, Lil Uzi Vert, and Da Baby. He has also collaborated with several artists, such as Ferrari Cka and Nitti Obama.

Social Media:
Twitter @Dagrenchie
IG @Da_real_grenchie
Facebook @Gastongrenchie

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