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Kyler Tapscott Discusses Catchy Hook Laden Debut Single “Fire”

Born in Harwood, Ontario, Kyler Tapscott began playing the guitar at age 11. His recently recorded EP, Kyler, marks his debut as a solo artist, and showcases his talent not only as a guitarist but as a singer-songwriter. Produced by Darcy Yates of the Juno-winning band Bahamas and featuring a lineup of Toronto’s top musicians, the EP is an eclectic mix of Kyler’s influences, which range from rock to roots.

Kyler’s debut single, “Fire,” is a mix of deep grooves and catchy hooks backed by horns and intricate guitar work.

Listen to the single now and check out our exclusive interview below!

What makes ‘Fire’ different from your past work?

Fire is the first song and transition into a solo career. I’ve been a sideman since the beginning of my professional career playing guitar and while I absolutely love wearing that hat, there was more to what I wanted to say musically. Fire is essentially about not holding back anymore.

Can you describe the concept behind the single?

I had been sitting on the groove for awhile, but the concept is essentially when you’re passionate about something, don’t let it slip away. Life can fly by in an instant there is no time to waste. first a spark, then a flame until you’re on fire.

How would you describe your artistic evolution throughout your career?

I feel like I’ve been through every phase and I’ve made every mistake in the book, honestly. Looking at where I started and where I’ve ended up thus far. I used to play Dream Theater and Steve Vai in high school and now I love playing fingerstyle guitar like Chet Atkins and pretty much mostly everything in between. I think it’s very important to take some feeling or knowledge from any phase you go through.

What’s been the biggest change in your life over the past year?

I had some health complications last year that really slowed the process of releasing the EP. However, the goal has always been the same… Play music. There will be struggles around every corner and every level you find yourself as a musician/songwriter. It’s all part of the journey. Right now I’m really excited to be sharing this music with you and to continue writing, recording and playing live.

What song or album by another artist do you wish you had written?

Wow, an album or song that a different artist wrote that I wish I wrote… there are so many. Pretty much anything Stevie Wonder ever did I wouldn’t mind taking credit for.

And finally, where can readers keep up with what you are doing?

You can stream my songs on any major platform and or add me on facebook at Kylertapscottmusic and instagram at Kylertapscottmusic!

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